where is your happiness

By Roop Lakhani - 12:40:00

Where is happiness? I was asking myself this question.

Is it in doing work?
Is it in doing things for family?
Is it in going out for a vacation?
Is it when you connect with likeminded people?
Is it when you feel fulfilled helping others?
Is it when you go to restaurant?
Is it when you go and buy clothes of your choice?

We normally look outside for happiness. Yes it caan be by connecting with people or buying things. Yes, while connecting with people may it satisfy you and give you lasting happiness, it may give you a sense of connection, acceptance and belonging.. true...

But materialsitic possessions, buying things or eating food at restaurants may not give you lasting happiness.

And we know the complains are the opposite of happiness.

We complain of the noise, pollution, traffic, weather, job, expenses, inflation, affairs of the world, people, people's behaviours,  and everything around us, not realizing that we are the part of the world. Others also can have complain about us!

Not to forget each one of us contributes and participates in this world with their unique energy. Each one dances with their unique energy and frequency. And collectively it becomes the world. Remember,you would attract similar energy, so 11 check and be mindful of your actions, thoughts, and decisions.  
We alone are responsible for the energy we emit. An energy that ultimately attracts what resonates with those frequencies. 

So beautiful souls, recognise and you realize what energy are you, accept it and you would create a bea6 world of your similar energy. 

We often look outside for something or someone to be responsible for the things that happen to us. Rarely do we look within and take personal responsibility for our life in its entirety.

Sometimes it can be ourr past childhood wounds
Sometimes it can be we need to change perspectives for other people 
Sometimes it can be just change your story of life
Sometimes it can be acceptance of things and people the way it is

Being a healer, coach and tarot card reader, I just say, there is a lot that comes from past life karma, your own shadow sides and childhood emotional  wounds

So heal yourself , love yourself and accept your self, keep smiling and remain happy, let go things you don't require...

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Roop Lakhani
Healer, Coach, Tarot

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