Tarot Card of the Week

By Roop Lakhani - 17:15:00

Tarot card of the week
It is Ace of Wands

Do you see the blessings from the Heaven coming with an opportunity?
How will you harness the potential all around you?

The Ace of wands is all about your actions and movements. We can manifest all our ideas to reality when we take right actions in right time.

This week, the take actions towards the idea which are flowing to you, motivating and inspiring you to pursue a new path. You would then be receiving new opportunities that align with your Higher Self and your vision. 

The Ace of Wands encourages you to follow your heart and live your passion. It is asking you to follow your hobbies and passionate activities. It is asking you to flow the spiritual path where you uplift yourself and others.

Ask yourself questions : what ideas are motivating me? What new opportunities are available to me? What new hobbies can I develop? What new spiritual activities can I take up?

Get motivated to live passionate life, and if you wish to learn Tarot, do ask for it.
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