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Namaste to all of you from rooplakhani... I would like to call myself a spiritual catalyst showing love and light for people to shine their radiance, dropping their fears, doubts, confusions, masks and perception lens...
Professional approach
Dedicated Mind and Emotion Designer Coach (MED) with expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).Well trained in dealing with organizational behaviour and physical and relational issues.
The approach used adopts a holistic style that encompasses consulting, therapy, healing and counselling. It addresses the specific concerns of an individual, identifies the core reasons which could have created the issues or inhibitions and then activates the source energy to create a shift and to awaken and empower the individual, therefore, ensuring a much longer lasting effect.
The idea and purpose is to assist individuals move forward and bring them closer to achieving their professional and personal goals that will give them the life they desire. Most clients are healthy and successful people who would like to enhance their life goals. (MADE BY AKSHITA)
Dedicated Life Coach with experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mind tools and Access Bar verbal processes, emotional counselling and more. Being a transformational catalyst, create shift in mental and psychological blocks such as behaviour, confidence, fear, habits, mindsets and more. Being a successful Breakthrough coach, use mind skills to create shift in any stuck up area of health, finance, relationship. Training methodology primarily focuses on coaching, counselling, mentoring and healing, adding flexibility and effectiveness to the work and personal life, thus improving the quality and range of one’s life choices. Besides to a counsellor, coach and healer, I have deep passion for subjects such as Tarot, Numerology, Vastu, Graphology.
Further, personal consultations enable one to become highly aware of one’s choices, mindset, attitude and communications, that creates clarity in the mind and confidence in the heart to achieve their life goals.  Have worked with Workshops and one-on-one sessions that concentrate on identifying and changing patterns of emotional and psychic-mental behaviour, in order to enable one to achieve more success and enjoy a happier personal life. By using my ME techniques, I facilitate to equip oneself in raising the self-awareness towards individual’s highest growth
Coach ME is a holistic approach that goes beyond consulting, counselling, therapy, healing, mentoring or counselling. It addresses specific concerns of an individual, identifies the core reasons which could have created the issues or stuck up feelings and then activates the source energy to create shift, to awaken and empower the individual which has long lasting effect in the success and performance of the individual..

·         Interpersonal abilities
·         Client Consultation
·         Goal setting
·         Motivation
·         Communication skills
·         Life assessments
·         Group and family meetings
·         Active listening
·         Social Understanding
·         Breakthrough consultations
·          Goal setting
·         Motivation
·         Communication skills
·         Interpersonal abilities
·         Life skill enhancement
·         Social understanding
·         Fear and habits release
·         Unlocking the true potential
·         Identifying blocking beliefs
·         Decoding emotional code

Work Experience
Conducted several corporate training workshops for all levels of management at
·         ICICI Bank
·         Vodafone
·          Citi Bank
·          HDFC Bank
·         Astrology TV
·         Shemaroo Bhakti Channel

o  Invited Panel Member and speaker at the Hong Kong Financial Meet
o  Invited online Consultant for India Times live chat
o  Relationship LifeCoach at FeminaMagazine
o  Regular appearances as a speaker and consultantin manyprominent national news channels
o  Author of the book - The Inner Journey

M.E.D/ N.L.P Coaching Benefits
·         Assisting clients in developing realistic goals and life plans.
·         Motivating individuals to make positive life-altering changes.
·         Tracking client progress and maintain progress.
·         Evaluating client work life financial and family balance.
·         Communicating strategies to improve choices and overall wellbeing.
·         Helped clients develop effective decision-making skills for key problems.
·         Coached families in group and individual settings to assess blocks and unblocking them with Source Energy
·         Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) by Vitality Living College
·         Access Bar Practionaire by Access Consciousness – USA
·         Redikall Healing by Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd.
·         Psyche K
·         Train the trainer by Vitality Living College
·         Heal your life by Louis Hay
·         Genius Report by 64 keys GmbH, Austria
·         Theta Healing by Vienna Institute
·         Educational Counselling Skillsby Sinara - The Times Group
·         Reality Counsellingby Sinara - The Times Group
·         REBT basicby Sinara - The Times Group
·         Dynamics of Counselling Basic and Advanced by Sinara - The Times Group
·         EFT level 1 and 2 by AAMET- Anu Mehta
·         Matrix Reimprinting byAAMET- Anu Mehta
·         Meta Health practitioner from The International Medicine Association
·         Metaphor Therapy by Personality Plus

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