Tarot class

By Roop Lakhani - 22:07:00

*Tarot class offer*

Learn how to read Tarot Cards as professional, by a USA Certified Master Tutor, Roop Lakhani

Following are the contents of the workshop.

In this you will learn:
1. History of Tarot, why tarot, how tarot works
2. Importance and association of colors, numbers and planets with each card.
3. Interpretation of each card with upright and reverse meaning in detail
4. 15 types of Spreads
5. Readings for self and practice sessions
6. Home assignments are given and followed with a test to understand how much have you been able to absorb from the course

Inclusions: Notes,certificate,practise session, Support group on whats ap for a month, post the class & many more tips ✨

Audio - visual notes is provided besides to email notes

You may have a look at you tube https://youtu.be/8ITC1GtDYLM

Thank you
Roop Lakhani
www tarotfuture.com
www rooplakhani.co.in
Email roop@tarotfuture.com

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