Are We Mental Miser??

By Roop Lakhani - 10:13:00

Assumptions or Fact??

Fact or Opinions?

Opinions or Interpretation 

Interpretation or Truth?

What do you choose?

We love assuming, making the interpretation out of any experience, situation  event or people. if any a cudent has happened on a road, and there are ten people who have witnessed that, still the same accident is explained in different words by those ten people. May be there is a common story woven around but still people would percieve and interpret differently.

We love making opinions. We love believing in certain thoughts, certain ideas,certain perspectives, certain likes for a long time, and we start believing in them strongly and then we get attached to them, we get so much attached to them that we do not like to let it go. 

We love attachments. Attachment to the ideas, perceptions, memories and beliefs is so strong that disconnecting from it is little difficult. 

This all is dangerous many a times and makes us MENTAL MISERS!??

 Even when we suffer being Mental Misers, yet we would not let go miser habits and upgrade. We create resistance to let go of those miserly  preconceived notions and those biased grudges, those interpretation and those judgements even in the face of proof. We at times know that is sabotaging our own happiness and still we keep it. How does this sound?

We all are there. We all are there at some point of time. We also come across these types of people quite regularly in our lives.
But these are the kind of people who are slowly stagnating in life. Do you wish to stagnate in your life? Stagnation leads to death, no growth. People who are unwilling to accept new information n insights or change the viewpoints easily, they may get stuck, they may stagnate, the growth ceases. They begin to be less effective, lose relevance, and eventually, lose respect for others as well. How does this ring the bell in your mind?

There is nothing wrong in being wrong. There is nothing wrong to change your view point when you are stuck. If you accept that some of the things you know are right for you in the present moment now, it may be wrong in some other point of time, then it is absolutely okay to open to new ideas. And this openness will let you be free and grow.

So now what is right and what is wrong?
Let us not spend time in proving right and wrong.

Just do these regularly –

- Accept that you may not know everything and that some of the things that you know to be true, may not be so. E erything what you see an dhear is not the truth.check between facis and opinions, truth and perceptions.

- Seek out knowledge consciously. Knowledge can keep us away from darkness, applied knowledge can illuminate us

- Explore, Expand, Experience. Explore alternate views, alternate opinions that can forward you. Don't allow ego to come in between, 'why should I ?' why should I go with others view pints.' 'I know what to do.'  Yes, your personal reality may be different from interim reality. One view point can change your life. One insight can change your life.

What can you do to explore? Talk to friends whose opinions count, talk to experts whose view pint can give you insights, read and watch videos which challenge your views, find your own truth, the truth that makes sense and makes you feel light. At the very least, you will get to know something new, even if you don’t agree with it, it may start making may open upyour mind.

-Keep learning. Keep unlearning. Keep relearning. Keep growing. Stagnation is like death, suffocating. The three dangerous words are 'I know it' and the three beautiful words are 'i am aware'

- Before you assume, check, ask, and then make your fresh understanding.. yes, it is an art to ASK


-Someone is ignoring you? Perhaps they are going through a tough time, and don’t even know they are ignoring you. Why not ask? 

- someone has not called you when you were expecting the call. May be he has forgotten, may be it has slipped due to overloads of work. Why not ask?

-People have blamed to you? Maybe they are not knowing how to evaluate, may be they never had full information, may be they heard only one person and made their opinion. Why not ask? 

-Want to talk to your parents, friends, colleagues? Maybe they also want to... Why not ask anything that starts the conversation? 

Assumption are the worst dangers in any relation. Asking is the best thing to do, before making assumptions. ... Would you ASSUME or would you find the FACT?

It either validates your assumption, make another opinion or you get to understand people better. It may also take you towards truth... Would you be able to discern between the OPINION and TRUTH?

Either way, you become a better creator of your meaningful life ..  would you ASK? Would you use your rational thinking what God has gifted you in the brain?

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