Tarot Card of the week - 8 of swords

By Roop Lakhani - 11:37:00

8 of swords

Feeling confused? Victimsed? Trapped?
Restricted? Powerless?
The card of the week is 8 of swords.
 You may feel trapped and restricted by your circumstances, may be omicron spread, may be health issues, may be your own fears or may be your own thought process.

You believe options are limited with no clear path out, there is no possibility, no hopes, no positivity. It can be you are in an unfulfilling job, an abusive relationship, a significant amount of debt, stuck with some loved ones health or a situation way out of alignment with your inner being. 

Check if you have self imposed bindings and you are unable to create alternate options? Are you self imprisoning with your negative thoughts? Why do you choose to remain blindfold? Why don't you free yourself from victimesed, restricted, trapped feelings?

 This card comes as a reminder to set yourself free from your thoughts and beliefs are no longer serving you, may be over-thinking, maybe negative patterns, maybe limiting yourself with no choice or no alternate possibilities,  by only considering the worst-case scenario. 

Remember, as you change your thoughts, you change your reality. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and you will start to create a more favourable situation for yourself and feel powerful.

To your positive thinking
Roop Lakhani
Your Tarot Coach, Tarot Master Reader

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