15 January to 24 th January Tarot Reading for 12 Zodiac signs

By Roop Lakhani - 22:11:00

Tarot horoscope for the days 15th to 24 th January 

Aries: Too much work and too much pressure?  Too much of hard work and no play time? Time to remove time for your fun activities before you get burdened up. Avoid conflicts with boss or higher authorities or even spouse. Take care of your family and inlaws family's health issues. People who wishes to change direction in their career path, it is not the right time, there can be confusions and wrong decisions. 

Taurus: Get ready for more work, travel and success.  You are hard working and disciplined to achieve success in life, but maybe you are taking easy nowadays. People who are seeking foreign settlement, consider it. Check relations with elder brother. Health of loved ones can suffer and may need medical supervision. 

Gemini: Good news for some new projects or business offers. Those in a partnership business can get sudden success. Health should be very much taken care, and those having already health issues,monitor your parameters. Some of you may be concerning lawyers for some property related matters. New revelations are likely for those involved in the field of research, tarot or astrology. 

Cancer: Too much workloads and no fun? You can bothered with overlaods but believe in yourself. Avoid ego-tussle, prideful talk or righteousness with your partner. Spouse’s health can go down and may need your time. Business partnership can be affected due to contractual issues, or differences. 

Leo: Career prospects will shine and you can be considered for a new role with additional set of responsibilities. There can be minor health issues but recovery will be quick. Maintain your routine and carry out regular physical workout. 

Virgo: learn, unlearn and relearn. Learn whatever interestsyou. Explore new forms of knowledge. Avoid any involvement with stock market else losses are indicated. Children can face some health issues and may need your support. Those in a relationship can face some turbulence. 

Libra: Disappointments and Hopeless situations are continued, you may feel a sense of dissatisfaction in your emotional life. Avoid any further investment. Your mother can face health issues and may require medical attention. Some unexpected career changes are on the cards.

Scorpio: Tired of sickness or routines?  There could be some unwanted travels but be extra careful of your health. Be careful for signing signing documents or contracts, read fine print carefully twice and then sign. Relations with younger siblings can get disturbed, hence be transparent in your communication. 

Sagittarius: Get excited, you will have materialistic gains, acknowledgements and some fame. Some unexpected money can flow into your bank account. However, health needs extra care.  eye infwction or throat infections or COVID issues are likely to occur. Avoid unnecessary arguments in personal or professional life. Watch over your words. 

Capricorn: Confusions, internal conflict, worries,  contradiction are on the card. Avoid having illusions and more confusions. Sort yourself out. Be careful in your personal life as it can lead to unwanted disturbances. Sort out finacial mess occuring from long time.

Aquarius: Your mental peace will be upset and you may have a disturbed sleeping pattern. Students who seek to study abroad or go for professional commitments can move out. Be careful of any eye-related or health issues. A visit to the hospital is on the cards. 

Pisces: Income is likely to increase, promotion can happen, bonus raise can happen.  You can have financial gains through your investments or any sale of the property.  Avoid differences with elder siblings or family members. Get aware of backstabbing through an old friend. Your children can opt for higher studies and perform well in their exams. 

Wishing you best of best
Roop Lakhani
Tarot Card Reader

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