Opportunities Creates Connections - interview on Madhuban

By Roop Lakhani - 00:07:00


I am so passionate about Tarot, Numerology, Mindset Healing and Coaching

I got an opportunity to be on Brahmakumari platform by my dear client Archana, author of Soul Charger. 
 And the date was, 11 January 2022, totals to number 9, represented by The Hermit card of Tarot, spreading the deeper knowledge to the outer world....

How very synchronised by the Master Creator!!

How can I be more grateful?

I am so influenced by sister Shivanis teachings and how can it be any better than this

In conversation with RJ ramesh

Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you

To all my viewers and family and friends,

With much love and gratitude for watching and appreciating

Roop Lakhani

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