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By Roop Lakhani - 00:04:00

A client called up 3 times in span of 25 days for tarot reading. Each time his question was surrounding a girl. He was madly loving her and even wanted to get married to her. They were working in same office. They had good professional relationship. But the girl had not shown any liking towards him, not that she had rejected him but her choice was not him.

I could guide him what the cards were opening up. There was a risk for him to pursue her as it could lead to problems in his career, if girl had to complain.  But his say was, he was madly in love with her and whichever girl he would see through marriage bearau, he would compare with that girl and he would not even go to see her.

Love is complicated. It's chaotic, confusing, at times euphoric and at other times, it can feel harsh. Many people believe that they have no control over who they fall in love with, just like my client.

He was also aware his mental health was deteriorating, he was unable to even focus in his work, he could not even concentrate for his personal care, full time he was thinking of her, can be called OCD. This allows me to think one of the possibilities from our karmic exchange!

Often people are attracted to the person to deal with unresolved emotional issues or past life guilt program that he may not even be consciously aware of. Chances are you don’t feel loved for who you are or free to express yourself fully. Chances are you are not the first choice or you are rejected. So many marriages gets stopped because of racial and religious backgrounds not fitting as per parents choice.

But is this the reason to give up? Is this the reason for you to not express?  Is it that you love others more than even at the cost of going till any step, disrespecting your ownself? There is nothing right and nothing wrong.

One thing for sure is, when you invest your energy in loving yourself more, you are bound to love others. When you respect yourself you can respect others.when you accept yourself with all your flaws, you can accept others too. You are actually taking care of your own core needs. 

When you love and accept yourself the way you are, you are a complete person, you are a healed person. By healing yourself, you are opening the doors to deeper, healthier relationships, starting with you. As you appreciate, trust and honor yourself more, don’t be surprised if others who appreciate you for who you are will cross your path too. 

Check this before you fall in love with anyone!? It should not become a situation where you live others more than yourself, you may be having childhood wound, you may be a people pleaser, you may not know where to draw healthy boundaries for yourself as well as others. You may even harm yourself and hurt others.

Do you have any such emotional wound?
Do you have such crazy feelings for the other one?
Do you have any such shadow aspect of yourself which you are not even aware of?

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To your higher awareness
Roop Lakhani

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