You have a choice

By Roop Lakhani - 17:33:00

You Have a Choice

People who get limited with past memories, situations and more, and either they are stuck or feel victimised, here is a message for you. The importance is who you are today and where are you moving ahead. And with what feelings are you moving ahead?? Are you been able to make your choices? Or are you feeling you don't have choice' but you have to!!!

Everyday we have choices, knowingly or unknowingly we keep picking them up, willingly or unwillingly we are been asked to take actions with the choices... And what is the result?

Result is either happiness or frustrations
Result is feeling good  or feeling sad
Result is success or failure

So from now onwards, check your words you use while you say

Are you using 'i have to' more?
Are you using 'i don't have choice'?

If you are using any

"I have to" is a disempowering phrase. 
"I don't have a choice" is also disempowering
It suggests that you don't have a choice.

Can you try something different?
Can you replace "I have to" with the more empowering alternative "I choose to", and notice the difference in how you feel.
Can you replace "I don't have a choice to", "what is the best choice here?" And notice the difference to how you would create your future??

Awaiting for you to make conscious choices

Roop Lakhani
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