Clients diary - Want To Claim A New State?

By Roop Lakhani - 22:07:00

*Claim a new state.* 

How many of us love to have  new clothes, new shoes, new bags, new place to travel?
But when it comes to renewing mental state, we are not even bothered to give our time and attention to think on it!! Sounds strange but true, this is how we are.

Few days ago, I met a client in hopeless and despair state, she lost hopes for the future also, there was no smile or sparkle in her eyes. She had gone through some phase which was unexplainable, dull, lonely, depressed. She did not want to do any work or any thing but her routine of work activities or daily task which she had to do it otherwise. She just did not feel like. 

Yet, she wanted to feel good within, positive and energetic within. She was looking for guidance but still attached to her pain. She was sure that nothing would change her situations, she was doing nothing to change the state. Rather she never wanted to. But that phase was bothering her at the back of the mind. She was hopeless. She was waiting for it to change on its own without any of her deliberate intentions or actions.  She was then wanted to change the state, although she  started to do all that mundane activities that would keep her happy and still she could let go or pass that dull feelings, but nothing was shifting permanently.

She wanted to emerge as new, as if past never existed, as if whatever past memories or any energetic block should disappear with a blink of an eye...

Was she day dreaming or building castles in air? Or was she being hopeful irrational? Or was she waiting Divine Powers miracle showing up?

She tried several attempts to get rid of this dull feelings for several days, but she was not successful. All hopes went to dumps. 

My counselling and few insight raising questions could shift, she wanted to talk, be more open, be willing to let go her attachment to hopeless thoughts. And soon when she gave up that attempt and hopeless hopes, something emerged, some inner voice was nudging her, 'it was saying enough, all your drama is enough, you give one thought on your head that you are dull and whole train of thoughts leads you without your awareness. You and only you are responsible with your thoughts  your subtle thoughts, your unaware thoughts, your unfulfilled desires that leads you to your stupid negative dull depressed thoughts...'

She was awakened..she realised the nudging inner voice was making some sense... Aha!! she said to herself, 'true, I have so many desires and so many dreams, I want to feel fulfilled in the shortest time and the time when I am unfulfilled, I feel a tunnel of darkness and I push it away being practical and realistic... but it leads to only negativity and dullness, making me feel more pessimistic and depressed.'.. 

She was having some inner dialaogues, 'Ohh God, how come I don't have control on my thoughts and come i am not happy with what I have? How come I become ambitious to achieve more and more? Why can't I be satisfied and still go for more without feeling low? Why do I have to feel less and become ambitious??'

The light started entering the dark room of mental space of hers and she got an enlightened awareness. 
She started to feel positive, optimistic. She  started to gain control on the chain of unfulfilled desires that was leading her to hopeless and helpless feelings rather than hopeful and helping myself feelings...

The awareness lead to a clear consciousness. She got the clarity for ever.  She felt something that was shifting and renewing her within, I found her now she was much at ease. 

It’s all just a moment and YOU are the shining light guiding the way.💫🌟🌟 
You are on an adventurous life journey and this is just a reminder to take it easy on yourself. 
You’re doing all that you can. 
You have so much strength to keep it all together and still continue to evolve.
You can do whatever you wish to.
The time your inner voice says you cannot do, you feel powerless. But gues what, each one is not capable to do everything, everyone is unique and capable. One need to focus on their strengths and not weakness or else the power goes less

Hopes, and ambitions are good to have, they keep you going.
But being in lack and being in desiredful state with no action plans can lead you to pessimistic way 

The empoweing clarity was awakening my client. It’s so admirable, I was acknowledging myself for giving this gift of clear thinking, guiding her and supporting her..

We all are humans and we need the small push,a nudge, a guidance in the time of powerless despair thoughts. It is an inner process. Howmuchever I will try to write in best of the way, it is an experience. You too need to see it, hear it feel it. You need to empower yourself. 

You need to feel it in this moment that, all is okay, all will be okay when you keep an open and positive mindsets. All problems have soultions. All hopeless situations would have hopes. Even the worst of the phase  give you a gift of something good. Be grateful to what you have and be grateful to what you keep recieving everyday.

You’ve overcome many challenges when you were not an overthinker and tilted towards the solutions towards the challenges. You fail, you win, you find solutions, you found clarity and a higher awareness. You thrive every single moment with the zeal and curiosity. You followed your gut feelings and inner drive. 

A voice came again from within
*You are beyond powerful.* 
*You are so special in ways you sometimes forget to see.*
*Your superpower and uniqueness are your natural abilities.*
*Just acknowledge you are enough*
*Recognise you are blessed*
*Be in your own powers*

Everything is in divine order, don't compare yourself or don't be over ambitious to have things in your lap without you working towards it or don't be over thinker to have it before right time and with no right actions.

Feel a renewed sense of self where the day to day life empowers you to love, be open, and clear with your spoken words, thoughts, and feelings. 

Each time you find yourself getting caught up, say 
“I welcome a new state of mind!” 
This automatically lifts you up instead of going into what’s happening.

*Solutions come through elevation of the mind and declaration of something greater.* 
*All solutions lie in your head, you just have to have that open and positive mind to have clear thinking.*
*Give time to the inner voice to talk to you and guide you*

Claim that for yourself today !! ✊🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Being a Coach, Healer, Counsellor, I guide many people when they feel helpless and hopeless. Being a tarot card reader, I answer people's queries to their helpless dull moments, and  many such sessions open up peoples mind...  

Today I felt like writing this, because it happens in everyone's life, even when you are an aware and conscious person.
Everything is in mind so mind it mindfully.

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