Clients diary -The Pretending Mask

By Roop Lakhani - 22:45:00

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*The Pretending Mask*

 One day a good looking client came to me asking for advice! She was beautiful, She had so many friends, good money, she would have her own fat income. She was very active on social media. Looking at her, no one would say she would have any problems.

She started talking to me, yet holding back her true emotions, she was saying, "how can this happen to me, my good friend does backbiting and spoiling my image whom I trust a lot", and she went talking few things more. She definitely tried holding her tears so as to not show it to me of her true pain. When I asked her, "why don't you talk to her and tell her that she should stop doing that". She said, "I have come to know from other friend and I am broken". She was into tears but still holding to make sure they don't flow. I asked her to cry, and she rolled up into tears. Truth often hurts people and people don't like to hurt others, people ares ares to be saying truthful words on the face..

After she went, a question arose in my mind, we all wear invisible mask, just like my client. “she was wearing a pretending mask to show she is good inspite of in emotional pain.”!!

The counselling was going, negotiation of sad emotions were happening in the direction of becoming happy, the resistance force keeps happening pushing and pulling her. The talk then lead her into tears still holding back the real loud cry.

How much we show ourselves that we are strong?!! How much we control and pretend to not show our vulnerabilities to others?!! How much we get scared to be fully ourselves with all those conditioned programming??!!!  

That makes me ask you all
How much do you care for yourself?
How much do you all hold the years to not show up that you all are strong?
How much strong youbwiah to become that one day in future you would become a dead hearted person unaffected by any pain?
How much do you wish to stay away from your authentic self?
How much do you wish to pretend that one day every thing will be fine and you will make it??
How many of you can hide your true emotions and not show the vulnerability thinking others will take advantage of you??
How many of us avoid to face the tears because of more pain?
 How many of us live under 'looking good'  that blocks us to reach our true happiness? 
How many of us carry small small hurts and pains that keeps us our small little heart heavy? 

*Sipping thoughts*

 I thought to myself, in the covid times,  we wear N 95 mask when we go out, and remove it when we come home. 

And there comes another thought, we also put on social prentesive mask and we don't even remove it when we are at home.

How do we really do it so creatively?
This fake smiles!
This superficial real unreal connections!
The pretending and hiding stories to pretend you are doing good even when you are not!
The aryificial happiness!
The faking laugh!

We also keep carrying sabotaging beliefs and limiting thoughts that blocks our true happiness and being an authentic self

“ I can't enjoy because I am in lockdown” , 
"I need to do make up as I don't look beautiful"
“i cannot do much because I don't have money”, 
“i have to go for this party or else he will be hurt”,
"I have to keep smiling even when I am in pain of loosing my mother”, 
“i wish to achieve, I am feeling worthless but I am limited due to my circumstances”,
“ I am financially broken but how can I show it to my family and my society, what would they think”
"If I laugh too much. I will have to cry"
"If I will be too much happy, someone will put evil eye and my happiness will be turned to tears"

....and more like these to keep us protected from being authentic self with true happiness!!

Reflection : The least we can do is to remain authentic and compassionate to ourselves!  The more the authenticity, the more is the simplicity and more the beauty of living a peaceful life

Wishing you authentic life
Roop Lakhani

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