Karmic Clearing 17

By Roop Lakhani - 11:57:00

We are always respecting or in awe of other people who are more powerful than us, whether statuswise, knowledgewise or wealthwise. But we don't recognise our own powers, we don't know how to be self respecting our own powers.  Today let us respect our own powers.

We really know people who abuse powers and call themselves powerful people.
The behaviors of certain people feel nearly intolerable to us. We feel they came into our life and created chaos with their words and behaviors. But gradually when we are in control of our powers in our hands and not allowing them to use their powers, then we realize that such people bring out our true potential from within, help us grow and be stronger. 
You may dislike every bit about someone who behaved wrongly with you, but do you realize how powerful you emerged, as you went through those experiences?So let us be grateful to those who weren’t right to us.

 Every experience is just an experience and learning lessons, whether pleasant ones or unpleasant ones. But we humans interpret them and and judge them in two boxes, either good or bad, right or wrong. Whether the difficult or toxic people are rude to us, betray us, manipulate us, control over us, be mean to us, creating an obstacle in our success, lying to us or harming us, they are surely the instruments for changing our destiny, our beliefs, our self worth, our potentials and bringing out  the gem that lies within us. So isn't it a good idea to be thankful to them?

Each one carries their unique essence.We should be checking our own true essence rather than changing others essence. Gradually the efforts we put in our ownselves makes us strong enough to independently deal with the issue, overcome any situation, and remain powerful. 

With difficult people, we slowly increase our capacity of tolerance, flexibility, adjustment, surrender, let go, forgiving and more. When people are difficult to us, we adapt, we adjust, we adapt to new ways of thinking, of becoming more independent in the areas we are dependent on the others and feel helpless by being dependent. the world is dependent  independent, interdependent, but we have to check our connected feelings with the dependency. 

Wen dealing with difficult or toxic people, there is a lot to learn. But what we don't learn is, accepting the individual the way they are and  shielding ourselves from their negativity impacting on us. 
We often pick up Magnetic hooks that attract more negativity and then we ruminate over them again and again and in turn, we become toxic. We forget to realise that it is their irrational or negative behaviour gives us the opportunity to increase our tolerance, our calmness, our respect, our stability, our self worth. So why not learn from it and develop compassion for them, practice gratitude towards them?  In the end, it is because of them you have been respecting yourself more than before. 

Forgive them as they are not wrong, they are not aware of their misdoing. They are in pain themselves, and behaving that way because of that, as they were given pain by others. Actually, it is like a vicious circle - the painful people passes pain to orhers. The only way to break this vicious circle is to be in higher awareness by connecting with Higher Consciousness and staying in the true eessence or powers of yours.

 These people are playing their role, you have to play your role. This is huge Chakravyuh, mayajaal, karmic wheel, karmic entanglements. It is happening as per our past karmic accounts. If you are becoming aware of this, you are upgrading yourself to higher vibrations, and also breaking the karmic entanglements.

 Now is the time, you are ready to settle your past karma with them, even if you feel uncomfortable momentarily, realize they came to give you the higher awareness and opportunity to learn the lessons. Your gratitude influences them, heals them. Your forgiving breaks you free from cutting the toxic cords that continues to exchange the energy. You come out of it more stronger than first, as you realise you took one step away from your wealness. You take first step to let go of the toxic and unpleasant emotions as you realise it is not worth holding them in your heart. You take the first step to move on, on your better journey rather than bitter journey. You are on path of being a better you. You are more compassionate than before, you can accept things easily, you can expect things least. You are more independent.

You realise each one's presence and you give gratitude for who they are in your life Nd what lessons are allowing you to meet them on life's journey. There is a purpose and reason behind every experience. Once you become accepting and grateful, there are no more complains, grudges, resentment and ill feelings. There is instant letting go feelings. There is more of acceptance. With acceptance comes peace. And with peace, there is more of connection to your inner sacred space, the authentic space that gives you powers.

With difficult and toxic people, we lower our ego, enhance our goodness and take care of keeping our karmas clean. By becoming observer and in higher vibrational energetic beings, we become truly powerful, respecting our selves, recognising our true soul essence,  we also take care of our inner world, toxic thoughts and emotions. We  allow the toxic energies of ours or of others to let go  rather than becoming toxic ourselves.  Isn't it a wonderful lesson to learn rather than blaming them?

Like those mobile phones gallery, we often upgrade them by deleting the pictures we don't need and keeping the puctures we need, we can also delete our unpleasant memories and be grateful to pleasant memories. 

If we have to grow, we have to unlearn, learn and relearn, and that is how we grow. Thank everyone who has been a part of your life journey, for their role in it. At times people are not right to you, at times you are not right. You take care of yourself, your intentions, your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviours, your habits, your patterns, your attitude, your conduct and your mindset. 
You recognize your worth, your essence and remain resilient, balanced and wise. 

Today, let us learn and practice being grateful, kind, accepting, compassionate, forgiving and peaceful to such people. For that we need to affirm,  Remind yourself everyday – “I am a powerful being. I am a loving being. I am a compassionate being. I am a harmonious being. I am a peaceful being. I am grateful towards everyone in my life, no matter how they treat me. I choose only good for everyone. I think well for everyone. I treat them well. I thank the people who were difficult to me, for giving me the strength to be who I am today. Today I am at peace. I choose to keep my charge in my hand. I activate my true powers where I feel helpless and hopeless. I choose to stay in my true powers. I am learing new lessons. I am a wise being”

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