Karmic Clearing 16

By Roop Lakhani - 12:25:00

We are blessed to have our physical existence through our biological parents presence  on the earth. Parents usually wants to give the best to their children. They bring up children with what knowledge they have and whatever best they can give to children. They would give inspite of all adverse conditions and limiting corcumstances. In the process, If they go through stress, they alos give us some negative emotion, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns. Becuae of their stress, they may not be able to nurture us fully emotionally or neglect us too.

Some children go through abuse, violence and unpleasant circumstances. Some also see disharmony, frictions, quarrels in dysfunctional family. Such children develop psychological behaviour issues or some mental ill health.  All these gets accumulated from parents to children and their further downlines without our conscious intention.

Our ancestors are our pitrus, and what our ancestors go through, we children unconsciously download some negative programmes, limiting beliefs, some negative emotional patterns and more. Some times some curses, oaths and promises what our ancestors have taken and not been able to fulfill, they also gets downloaded. And we name it as pitrudosha.

 If we have any health, relationship, finacial,mental health challenges, which inspite of our full efforts would not go away, it can be pitru dosha coming from our ancestors,  it can be evven an unfulfilled desire or any kind of emptional hurt or someone cursing you or  unfinished agreement creating lots of I'll feelings from others. It  an be difficult married life, finding life partner a bit of challenge,unable to concieve inspite of no health issues  financial loss all of sudden,poverty, relationship challenges, unable to have harmony in family life, mental health issues,  physical helath issues and more.This not only affects each one's perosnal lives and family lives but also affects children growth, grandchildren growth too .

Their energies flow in your DNA, cellular memories over many generations. So to come out of it. Pray And ask for forgiveness to clear any unfinished transaction and dosha, to clear the energies completely by forgiving the past. Get aware of all hurts,pains, grudges, ill feelings And let go of all they are holding you with lower vibrations. 

Ask your ancestors to bless you and your family and you bless them too. You thank them for all good things you have got through them. Its time for renewal of energies and transformation, by upgrading your thoughts,feelings and mindset

If you wish to breakfree from any ancestral curse or dosha, just pray, be thankful for what you have got, forgive all grudges and complains. 

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