Navratri - Nine nights significance

By Roop Lakhani - 09:58:00

*True meaning of Navratri (the festival of 9 nights)* 

*- cleansing oneself* 

01 - *Prathama:  I will control Anger*

02 - *Dwitiya:   I will stop Judging People.*

03 - *Tritiya: I will leave all Grudges.*

04 - *Chaturthi: I will forgive everyone*

05 - *Panchami:  I will Accept every one as they are*

06 - *Shashti: I will love everyone unconditionally*

07 - *Saptami: I will abstain from Jealousy & Guilt*

08 - *Ashtami: I will leave all my Fears*

09 - *Navami: I offer Gratitude for all the things I have and all which I will get.*

10 - *Vijayadashami: There is abundance in the universe for all and I will do my best to share*🙏


Wishing you best of Navratri
May Ambe ma Durga Ma bless you with choicest blessings 

With much love aand gratitude for reading this

Roop Lakhani

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