karmic Clearing 8

By Roop Lakhani - 12:44:00

"Gratitude can help you get rid of your Karmic Doshas" - Roop Lakhani

We need to be more grateful to others than who we are already. People take their family, friends, spouse, staff for granted. 

In a relationship, being taken for granted is a huge problem. You may do things for your partner every single day, simply because that’s what you feel you should do, you want to do, and it makes you happy. However, your partner then expects you to do all of those things. Is that fair? No!

People are not grateful when they get a morning cup of tea and breakfast ready even before they have asked. We need to be grateful for everything, for morning sunrise to morning breakfast.
We need to be grateful to all our experience, even the bad ones, as the bad experience are the learning lessons.

Being grateful is more of being appreciating the kindness you recieved from others. It is a warm feeling which is magnetic and creates more of them. 

Unfortunately, for many of us, we are tied up with more complex feelings, past unpleasant memories, and negatively charged events. Perhaps as a result of having them makes us difficult to express more of gratitude.

This makes it harder to establish when gratitude should be felt or expressed, and also often makes us feel awkward rather than grateful. Let's take deliberate everyday actions towards being grateful and not take people for granted.

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