Karmic Clearing 7

By Roop Lakhani - 12:32:00

"When you are cribbing in any relation, hold the mirror to your thoughts and actions." - Roop Lakhani

No one can escape Karmic dosha. Instead of cursing, cribbing or complaining others for their behaviour, try to be aware of your behaviour, thoughts, words and actions, may be it is just a mirror shown to you to experience what you did to others, may be in past lives

We often cannot forget any unjust behaviour or injustice or unfairness. True, It is difficult. But how do we move on? Unless we don't drop the baggage of the past, we cannot be a light traveller in the present and also we cannot move towards a lighter future.

This chakravuah is created by our own karmic actions and unless we develop the habits of witnessing and reflecting, we are not been able to step out from the karmic wheels effects.

All relationship are a mirror of you, either of your present life or some karmic act of past life, so why complain, crib or curse?  Might as well be aware of every thought, word, action of this life so as to recieve better life next life.

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