Karmic Clearing 6

By Roop Lakhani - 12:24:00

 "Karma listens to the language of love, acceptance, forgiving, gratitude, compassion." - Roop Lakhani

We often not forgive people who hurt us. Instead of hoping the offensive person gets their karmic due, try to shift your thoughts to a more compassionate view. 

We humans often have tendency not to forget unpleasant and negative memories. We often ruminate or think on it as if that is the way we can find some solution.

Often the energy gets focussed on the negative people or someone who has offended us or hurt us much after also it is over. 

May be the belief in our own self and belief in the factual events is missing from our side. May be the conditioning is so strong or may be the sensitive part is taken over the logical part and so we do not know how to not focus on negative. Maybe we are not knowing that everything is Karma and we are at the result of our own karmic actions and hence we take karmic effects for granted. 

Whatever way,  what would you want someone to wish for you if unknowingly you have hurt them, surely forgive you, right!? So why not wish the same for others when they have hurt you!?
Accept the language of radical forgiveness and also accept people the way they are

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