Karmic Clearing 13

By Roop Lakhani - 15:40:00

"Start accepting people the way they are, stop expecting from them." - Roop Lakhani

All hurt and pain starts when you cannot accept people the way they are. As a human being, when you tend to do a lot for others you also tend to expect a lot, sometimes expect exactly like what you have done to them, sometimes expect unrealistic, sometimes have control on him to return your expectations.

 You cannot expect other people to act exactly as you would like them to—it’s a game you’re guaranteed to lose.
 Instead, try being open to accept and least expect- it's a game you are guaranteed to win. A game of happiness.

Start building up your own happiness and confidence on something you do have power over: your thoughts and beliefs.

When someone does the unexpected and it disappoints you, it’s always because you had a belief about what they were supposed to do.
Stay in the moment as often as you can.
Stay present with your thoughts, and see if you’re holding onto expectations of how other people should behave.

It’s when you slip out of being in the now moment,  that you are truly disappointed. When this happens, you’re letting your thoughts and stories about what the other person should have done, or what will happen now because of this perceived slight, or why you deserve to be angry, take you out of the now and down a path that is full of rejection and fear.

You will not find peace if you’re always expecting other people to give it to you with their actions or words or even love. The only way to find it is to drop your expectations of others, let go of what you think they should or shouldn’t do, and allow yourself to be in full acceptance of how they are. Difficult but it is the way to remain happy.

Karmic clearing ask you to stay in the present moment, accept situation and people the way they are and expect the least from others.

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