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By Roop Lakhani - 16:14:00

"Mindfulness in the present moment and having faith in The Divine can help you cleanse your karmas. " - Roop Lakhani

Cleansing karma is like cleaning the house. We let go what we don't require, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically.

Cleansing Karma is like becoming more mindful. Mindfulness means being completely focused on the present moment. Whatever you’re doing, you do it while being fully present right here and right now. If you’re planning what to do tomorrow or next year, that’s okay, too. Just make your plans consciously and in the present moment.

Being focused on the present moment is a kind of meditative state. Becoming mindful doing any actions will surely keep you alert and aware of your actions. The ripples and thoughts of your mind calm down and create an opening for you to see more clearly into the waters of your true essence. With this focus and openness, having faith in The Divine, that everything is happening with its grace and all will be well, you open the door to receiving and experiencing your intentions, thoughts, words, feelings, actions, behaviours, attitude, mindset and then you are more aware of “new and improved” karmas.

Before you do anything, pause, center yourself with deep breath in and out closing your eyes, feel the energies of the moment.
Become focused on the present moment.
Invoke positive energies in yourself and the action.
You can add your own touches to this practice, such as speaking positively or affirming or using a positive intention asking Divine powers to bless your actions.

Become so completely focused in the present moment that your limited sense of individuality disappears. The experience of yourself as a limited being has its roots in the past and future and thus being in the present moment will pull you out from past and future. 

In the present moment, there can be no roots, because the present moment is pure freedom, pure clarity, pure light, and pure spirit. 
Being completely present allows your actions to flow from a greater place than your usual levels of self-effort or egoic place.
When you’ve completed the action, pause again and feel good about the action you’ve done.
Check yourself if everything was in purity and with pure intention

Faith and gratitude can bless your action even after you’ve completed the action, because grace and spirit exist beyond time. When you understand that the divine exists in everything, large and small, you respect every moment as equally significant and precious, every intention, thoughts and actions as pure and divine.

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