Karmic Clearing 12

By Roop Lakhani - 15:24:00

 "When people throw stones at you, in return you send pink light of love." - Roop Lakhani

When you keep remembering the bad things happened to you, you surely will not be able to forgive those people and surely those thoughts and feelings may disturb you, and  bring you thoughts that create some negative karmas. 

Some amazing and positive developments will happen to you when you stop wishing bad karma onto the people who have hurt you. Instead send pink light of love to them, to your enemies, to people who hurt you, to people who offend you, to people who pull you down.

The next time a friend, stranger, or family member says or does something mean to you or others, tell yourself to send them pink light of love, after all you are a being of light and all you can do is send lots of love. Angry and hurt people can send what they have in them, but conscious people choose the pink light of love rather than reacting. By doing this, you have taken very important step towards your Karmic clearing.

 Not only send them pink light of love, also forgive yourself for holding stuff and forgive others for their deeds, behaviour or words. Forgiving is the best option for Karmic clearing.

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