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By Roop Lakhani - 15:05:00

"Practising forgiveness offers a gift to you, peace of mind and freedom in the heart." - Roop Lakhani

Forgiveness offers many advantage and yet we choose to hold on to pain, bitterness and resentment. A lack of forgiveness lies at the heart of many people and hence creates more problems.  Learning to let it go, let go and live, live and laugh is difficult but once done, it releases you from its prison, can only result in one thing—happiness.

Your health and well-being are closely connected to your happiness. Practicing forgiveness will contribute significantly to them.

Identify your experience of the grudge, bitter feelings, unforgiveness, resentment when you are hurt. Identify negative feelings. Don't ruminate over it.
Going over and over the same negative feelings will only continue to be a waste of time and be unproductive.

I understand, when you’ve had something happen to you as a result of someone else’s behavior, it is hard to offer forgiveness.  But one of the best ways to start the process, is to identify your experience of the grudge, hurt and bitter feelings. Most likely it will make you feel  dark, sad and heavy, which you have quite possibly played over and over in your mind. Write it down, tear the paper and release those heavy emotions. You are a light being and you are meant to feel light at heart, would you then choose to let go the heavy feelings?

If you are still not ready to let go, ask yourself, 'what is the impact of holding on to those heavy emotions has on you?'
Ask yourself, 'Has it stopped you from living the life you once had? How would your life change if you practiced forgiveness? ' listen to your egoless inner voice answers. I am sure they will want you to become light.

Remember that what happened was in the past and the very fact you are continuing to hold on to it will only keep it in the future for as long as you let it. Perhaps it is not only affecting you but those around you also. Consider how your relationships will change if you choose differently.

Practising forgiveness is a gift given to yourself and not a gift to others.
Forgiveness plays a very important role in your life, especially within your most intimate relationships. May be when you are unable to forgive them you may invite them again in another lives, with another story, another hurt and another pain.

Karmic clearing ask you to practice forgiveness from your 💓

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