Karmic Clearing 10

By Roop Lakhani - 14:34:00

"People may not notice your behaviour, they may not hear your words, they may not notice your actions, but surely thay can feel your attitude. Your attitude towards Life determines your life's attitude towards you." - Roop Lakhani

Biased harsh judgements, negative criticism and prejudiced way of being, being cynical- all creates karmic doshas. 

Often we are biased, not realising many of our subtle Intentions, selfish agenda and habitual patterns and mean actions we do to others. And then we complain, 'why all this happens with me.' 
Before your thoughts, behaviour and feelings create your attitude, your subtle intentions creates your karma.

Often people have questions to God when they go through challenges and adverse times, 'Why me? Why all this with me?' When we have such questions, ask the question, 'try me' and not 'why me'!!

Honestly, how much ever we wish to remain positive with people, we face so many negativity everyday, rather we live in a world surrounded by negativity, fakeness and hatred. Environment affects us. But we can remain positive with our positive mindset and positive attitude. Having a positive attitude in this world can make a difference.

 Positive attitude is a mindset so it can be achieved with deliberate intention and cautious practice. But it's not just gained by saying to yourself all the positive things rather it's gained by practicing. Trust me, finding something positive in every possible situation is super difficult. 

'Try me' means try my new thoughts, try having another point of view, another thought, another intention, another behaviour.  All those new 'try me' thoughts can create a new mindset and new attitude.

Attitude can be altered when you are aware of karmic exchange you have towards people every lives. Karmic clearing asks us to watch the attitude and intention: because negative thoughts creates angry energy directed at you first than others.

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