*How good you are in making decisions*

By Roop Lakhani - 11:45:00

*How good you are in making decisions?*

Our thoughts leads to choices and choices leads to conclusions, decisions and actions. Some decisions are easy to make, some decisions require quite a bit of contemplation. 

Here are 7 steps to make good decisions

1. Look beyond the obvious, get as much details of the situation as you can. Get facts and logical understanding.
2. Think through the pros and cons of the situation and go with your gut feelings. It is not about making a decision, it is about making your life with decision.

3. Think about the decisions if they are in alignment with your values, and emotional vibes. The decisions that follows your values will be always the best decisions. The decisions that follow your happiness will be always right. 

4. Think, once your decision is been made, how much it will influence to the people matter to you, don't come under pressure of anyone and don't even succumb to people or situation. Just think about the consequences.

5. Brainstorm or explore other alternatives if required, there is no one way, there are several ways you can think and decide. 

6. Select best option, evaluate your plans again. Prepare a strategy.  and priortize your priorities before you make your decision.

7. Check how would you be with the decision after a month, after a year and after 5 years. If you get a lighter and joyful feelings, go ahead and make that as your decision.

Your decision will create your life, so make it wisely
*Roop Lakhani*


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