Are You Listening To The Whispers Of Your Soul

By Roop Lakhani - 11:11:00

*Are you listening to the whispers of your Soul?

The soul chooses to talk to you. The soul connects you with your mind and body. Your soul is a conscientious spirit that guides you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. 

* So what does your soul wants?*

Soul wants only 6 things

When life gets drowned out by the noise of rational harsh judgements, critical opinions, and negative comparisons, the soul seeks appreciation and admiration.

When the mind gets attuned to fears, doubts, conditioning and programming, it is the Soul seeks Truth and Compassion. 

When life feels uncomfortable, limiting, depressing, unsatisfying, empty, the soul that will seeks Peace and getting your own Approval.

Your soul is a realist. Your soul not only knows what is right and powerful and perfect for you, your soul also knows what is absolutely possible, achievable. 

Your soul is your deepest self. Your soul wants you to shine. Your soul knows you best and loves you for what it knows. It is through your soul you will seek epic life, life that is beautiful and inspiring and also impactful, energized, and world-changing!

They may be specific aspirations in work, career, relationship or life, or they may be ideals that resonate with your idea of joy and satisfaction. 
Write these down as a real and reachable intention. Follow up every week to see if your intentions and actions are aligned. And remember that this awakening vision is between you and your soul, and you can trust your soul more than you can trust people’s well-meaning opinions. 

I am trusting my abilities and hence I am trustworthy soul.
I am appreciating all what I intend, think, do, be or have and hence I am a beautiful soul.
I approve and work with all that helps me feel satisfied and joyful and hence I am a satisfied soul.
I admire best in me and best in others and hence I am admirable soul

*Roop Lakhani*

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