6 Steps To Deal With Overwhelming

By Roop Lakhani - 22:25:00

I was learning Digital marketing in March month. I was super excited to take up extra stuff on myself even when I was already busy..
I saw my dreams come true with the excitement of following the strategy of digital marketting... The force of learning new and achieving my long desired dreams was so great, but the actions those were needed to achieve turned out like a big sunami wave ...
I wanted to do everything before the right time.. I thought it is possible to do in one to three months... I started working for it, a month passed and I realised I was too stressed, I was getting too much pressured with all possible task I wanted to do to achieve my dreams, in the process at times I lost my coolness, at times I got frustrated, at times I was mentally exhausted, at times I was anxious.. it was not a state of relaxeation,  it was a state of paralysis... 

And the lightening thought awakened me, what if I could manage everything without getting overwhemed, paralytic, and anxious??

Yes, I followed the awareness to make me lighter. I gave up the cat race to reach there in a month's time. I was back to myself, my relaxed state. I am sure each one goes through, where some people sail through and some not.

Is it wrong to get less anxious and not follow the cat race? No
Is it wrong to not be stressed and follow lighter way? No
Is it wrong to be less judgemental and less critical to yourself to reach your ambitions? No. 

Realised, relaxed state of mind is more important than overwhelmed paralytic mind. 

I gave myself the reminders, 
1. Be aware of the feelings in what ever you do.
When you name it, you can tame it.  I could name anxiety, overwhem and frustration, hence I could tame it.
2. Recognise the root cause or trigger to the emotions. 
I could recognise the source of overwhelm, anxiety and stress, and that was I wanted to achieve my goals and dreams in less time.
3. talk to yourself as if you talk to your friend.
I realised that if my friend would have gone through such feelings and if she had come to take my advise, what would I be advising? I did the same, I advised my own self by having some nice talk to my soul and heart and head.
4.Be a researcher to find the beliefs that put you in such a state.
I always believed, I am committed.
I finish all task what I commit to myself.
I am hard working.
I like to work on my dreams even when it cost less sleep.

I found my beliefs and then I got a clue to my overwhelm state.
5. Stop, reflect and find another thought or perspective

I stopped, and I reflected back, what can be a better way to reach my goals without getting overwhelm? And I got insightful answers to follow my dreams without getting anxious.

6. Take one small inspired action
It is a matter of discerning, deciding and then taking one small inspired action.

Check, realign, redo in different way to replace overwhelm feelings to relaxation feelings

*Roop Lakhani*

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