Biased Way Of Listening

By Roop Lakhani - 11:43:00

*Biased Way of Listening

Yes, we all have an 'Already Always Of Listening' , as if we have pre-existing notion and ideas, by our conditioning, by our culture, by our country, by our experience and by our knowing. 

We often wear colored glasses and  we see everything tinted when we wear them For eg. Mother in law's cannot be good to their daughter in laws.

We need to remove such filters before we make some interpretation. We need to be open minded and objective before we conclude with those biased grudges or notions. 

It means we really do not listen people the way they speak, we listen from filtered perspectives, already always way of listening, half listening, non empathetic way of listening, already always way of listening.  Our body, body langauage, our thoughts, our emotions,  our reaction, our behaviour define our “being” in any given moment. And it is from this way of being, which is unique for everyone, we observe one way or the other, we listen one way or other, we behave one way or other

 This is the reason the same world (events) is seen differently by different people, allowing them a different set of actions. Thats why an awareness of these tinted lens or filters, and a recognition of the striking limits that they impose on our labels of relationship, is a must  When the perspectives changes not only the relation with people and  situations changes, but also changes the approach to life and the quality of our life.

Developing non biased empathetic listening helps creating happy hearts and bonding relations.

*Roop Lakhani*

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