Reminder To Rebuild Trust

By Roop Lakhani - 09:49:00

Reminder to have Trust and Faith

 Trust is the lubricant for all relationships. People are perpetually evaluating our trustworthiness. When we have their trust we feel strong within,  we are confident, we make progress. But once we lose someone's trust, things slow down, progress gets stuck, confidence gets shaken up. Relationship harmony is unfulfilled, there is no peace in the mind and no solace in the heart.

Trust often gets shaken up by minor setbacks, miscommunication, misunderstanding, lack of clarity, infidelity, dishonesty and betrayal. Do not let minor setbacks inhibit you. When you have trust of others, you own the person, you can have some magnetic powers within you, the powers of being trusted and trusting. But when trust is broken, person gets shattered. 

It is essential to rebuild and restore the shaken up trust, and discover brilliance in seeing setbacks of life. No doubt it takes time to rebuild, but keep love alive, be forgiving and accepting. Faith in Divine Higher Powers discovers the brilliance of lost trust and bridges the gap.

*Roop Lakhani*

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