July month energies

By Roop Lakhani - 13:40:00

July 2021
7 + 5 = 12 = 3
This pandaemics has come with lots of eye opening and evolutionary journey, especially this month of July.

For many of us the time has come to awaken the light within us, show our true potentials with creativity and compassion, making a way into our personal and collective experience that may feel like a rebirth, or chasing the purpose of life and creating menaingful life.

 It is time to practice mindful connection with your Higher Awareness. It is time to connect to the most authentic part of ourselves and show your light to the world. 

July month energy begins with number 12 , that totals to 3... Wow 1 2 3... It is a number of beginning with vigour and active purpose to whatever you do. If you have a great self confidence, it is time to be more intuitive, be sensitive to others needs,understand the world and navigate progressively your journey in cooperation with others journey. It is time to combine practical and abstract ideas and create something unique.  

 It is time to combine enterpreneur spirit with high goals and start to achieve them with tough core of commiittment and dedication.  It is time to let go the rigidity and become more flexible, adaptable and fine tuned with Higher Consciousness towards achieving goals rather than having dreamful goals. 

In tarot,card 12 is represented by The Hanged Man,  a person who recognizes the importance of sacrifice and patience.  Patience is a virtue, allowing the time necessary to see all sides.  Sacrifice is a pre-requisite to enlightenment. 

In the current pandaemic times when the world economy is slowed down, business are closing down, jobs are lost, the time has come to seek higher purpose, higher learnings.  When you take your time and look at things from different perspectives, you’re able to discover your true path.

Being more mindful, the time is finally come to take right actions, in right time with right resources, flowing from your Higher self to your conscious self. It is time to manage and align higher principles with mental attitudes and physical behaviours.

It is time to combine card 12 qualities with number 3 card Empress qualities, that is being deeply compassionate and nurturing, you can choose to be a natural mother to yourself.

So what, if you’re not birthing children, you can still be busy birthing new creations in the form of art, food or music, or any of your business, passion, purpose that creatively enhances your flow and anything that inspires your senses. You can use your gifted resources and contribute to the world appropriately and participate the rhythm of life. Your sensuality is  embodied when you focus on your creative talents, expressing them beautifully and embracing your grace, you can do so by focussing on your task, unusually prolific. 

Your kind generous nature uplifts many souls on your way and you do your best to help them all.  To the Empress, nothing is more important than creation and creation grows from love compassion and creativity.

People who embody the Empress qualities in them will enjoy all the finer things of life, revelling in anything that is beautiful, intoxicating, delicious or a delight to any of the five senses. They deeply feel the interconnectedness of all beings and all life.

People who are in relationship, they need to blend the co dependency with right nurturing.This co-dependency is expressed as love and concern butneed to check on controlling behaviour that benefits no one in the long run. Either partner should not get into becoming all-consuming and sacrificing everything else in their lives. That would encourage the other partner to be  negatively manifesting as a tendency to "hang on" to fears, roles and patterns that are detrimental to the partners life growth and purpose.

Time to foster the balance in life and to focus on personal needs and issues instead of on those of other people. These are the great lessons which must be learned by an Empress to avoid getting lost on their soul path.

For any Empress, her major concern is freedom, joy and creativity, but she often gets concerned with structure, limitations and rules. People may find difficulties to breakthrough restrictions, structure and form. They need to be challenging the rules to develop soul light and live for themselves without sacrifice.

For example, while overflowing with creative ideas, an Empress may unfortunately lack the personal discipline and business skills to bring those ideas to fruition or to market their output. If an Empress rejects any kind of restrictions on their freedom or creativity, they tend to run wild and dissipate their natural talent in confusion and chaos.

So if you are going through chaos and confusion, and if you are unable to become imaginative and creative in your work, it is time to embrace the Hanged Man qualities of structure and discipline. And if you are going through structure and discipline and finding difficult to be creative and nurturing, it is time to embrace the empress qualities. The take away is balance yourself with both qualities in appropriate ways.

Number 3 represented by Jupiter, is an expansive planet. Whatever you do, it will expand. What are you choosing to expand? 
Love life? health? Wealth? Finances?
Also check your obesity, addictions and more, does it require expansion, if no, then work on it.
Jupiter's creative and communication energies wants everything big, and that will help the people to boost up their abilities and work in team and cooperation to become big in their respective areas. 

Life is to enjoy, so be joyful. Enjoy the July month will lots of creative joyful expression of yours  and have more healthier social bonding.

With much love and gratitude,
Roop Lakhani

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