Mastering Emotion Is An Art

By Roop Lakhani - 12:04:00

*Mastering Emotions*

Emotions are super powerful, it can help you reach great heights of happiness, love and harmony or make you feel low angry, sad frustrated. They are like small children, some hide, some are naughty some are stubborn in your body..

A large number of people don't know how to regulate them. Hence they become a victim of negative emotions. Most of us, most of the time, do what we feel and rarely do consciously what needs to be done. Hence, the ability to regulate & activate emotions at will becomes a great strength. 

There is a simple framework I follow & it has given me great result.The framework is ABCDE.

+ Awareness
Get Aware of your emotions. This gives you the power to change. You need to constantly check, how are you feeling, what emotions are you experiencing. 

+ Breath
If you wish to change unpleasant emotions, breathe. Breath is the link between body and mind. Moment you start a rhythmic breathing, for few minutes, you will notice your emotions settling down. 

+Choose consciously 
Once you have done 3-5 mins of breathing, now focus on past memory that has given you joy.  Think, focus and activate, with a simple inner dialogue, you need to remain happy.  Pat yourself once you get the happy or joyful moment. 

+ Determine
When you have recalled and experiencing that emotions, don't rush through, dwell in that positive emotions for 5-7 mins, determine to stay in positive emotional state rather than getting pulled by low negative emotions. 

+ Energise
Once you have done the above process,energise yourself with positive affirmations, using 'I am ...', and be in high vibrations of love,peace, harmony.

*Roop Lakhani*

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