I am not enough

By Roop Lakhani - 11:57:00

*I am not enough*

I often feel, *I am not enough*, with kind of  thought process:

✍️ *Sometimes I sabotage my own happiness by comparing negatively with others*
✍️ *Sometimes I get too much pressured with my over ambitious nature and too many desires to have a luxurious life*
✍️ *Sometimes I live upto others expectations and I ruin the present moment*
✍️ *Sometimes I am hard wired from young age for success and it is unending habits that keeps me chasing success, progress and growth*
✍️ *Sometimes I don't know how to accept the blessings of what I have*
✍️ *Sometimes I don't know how to accept the best qualities in me, the best values in me*
✍️ *Sometimes I mess up things for beating myself for perfection rather than berating myself for progress*
✍️ *Sometimes I hate myself rather than loving myself*

But today I choose the awareness
*I am enough. I have enough*

*Roop Lakhani*

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