Is setting boundaries easy?

By Roop Lakhani - 13:21:00

We all love to have deeper connections and bonding, but often we are scared to give and recieve love. 

Sometimes there is imbalance in giving and recieving love due to past conditioning, past emotional wounds, past experience, inner childhood stories and more. Sometimes people keep giving love, and when they don't recieve love in return, they feel frustrated and sad. 

It is important to strike balance between giving and receiving love, doing your duties and responsibilities and yet enjoy life but not get burdened by setting healthy boundaries, so that it protects you from getting frustrated and sad or burnt out.

Boundaries are protective guidelines that we set for ourselves, our happiness, our peace of mind. They are not selfish, and the act of setting boundaries does not make you a bad person. On the contrary, it makes life better for both sides of a relationship, and also maintains good guality of healthy relationship.

Establishing healthy boundaries is a choice – no one will do it for you, you alone will have to manage it. There’s the misconception that it’s about pushing people away, there’s the fear of what others will think, there is a fear of hurt, there is a possibility that may call for confrontation, and then of course there is an inevitable guilt factor.

But to stand for yourself and taking self care is your right so don’t confuse discomfort with self-worth. Don’t confuse the reaction of others with the validity of your right to take care of yourself.

Setting boundaries is not a solution to fix  unhappy or dysfunctional relationships. It is an awareness for your peace of mind.  It takes time and effort to plan, implement, and enforce your boundaries.

Accept things as they are and suffer, or accept responsibility for your happiness is your choice. 
Today take one self care action by setting your boundary, and check how happy are you feeling.. 

Happy setting boundaries
Roop Lakhani

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