When Thiinking Is Overthinking

By Roop Lakhani - 09:55:00

*When is thinking overthinking?*

There is very thin line between thinking and overthinking. 

When we have challenges, conflicts or any confusion, we tend to be thinking. Also when we are having no clarity to reach our desired goals,  we start thinking. But we don't realise we  tend to overthink. We often dwell on the problems, mistakes, and shortcomings, as if over thinking will solve the problem and we really forget the problem solving way of thinking.

We often ruminate the same thoughts and that is over thinking. It stops making right decisions or even involves beating up for the decisions already made. But it does not create solutions to the real problem.

When we think all possibilities have gone wrong, we start over thinking. If any thinking causes distress, worries or anxieties, then it is overthinking. If you are thinking to create possible outcome of your desire without enough taking actions in the direction of your thoughts and anticipating the result much before the ripe time, it is overthinking.

When we overthink, our anxieties and self doubt triggers, and then it is time to let go the control to the outcomes, time to be lesser compulsive thinker, and  let go the control of how things should turn up.

How to not overthink?  It is a process of training mind, it cannot be done in a day. So train your mind to be thinking that gives you happiness and not anxiety. It is a journey of wiring your brain to give up the control of overthinking, and lessen over thinking. It is training your brain with reminders of positive self talk. Get aware of your over thinking.

*Roop Lakhani*

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