May 2021 energies

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May month Energies

May is summer for Mumbaites. In the smallest city of Panvel, I wonder how such huge hot showers of heat come to this part of the city only!?

The energies are surely very hot in the month of May. The pandeamics is continuing, covid cases are increasing, lockdown is hardly followed, people are cautiously moving out and still life is going on. With such conditions, I like the way people have the strength in their heart to be optimistic, including me.

The month of May in the year 2021, adds upto  5 + 2021= 10 = 1 numerologically.
Number 1 is represented by the planet, Sun and Sun is the life force, giving us radiant warmth and sunshine for us to see each day in a bright light.

The Sun is the giver of life.
The Sun represents our soul or also known as 'atmakarak.' The word atmakarak means the one who makes the soul or indicator of the soul. Our soul is our shakti. It has its own energies,  whether strong or weak. If it is strong, it will take you towards progress, peace and abundance. And if it is weak,then it will take you towards pain, suffering, and destruction. The message is to make your shakti of atma powerful, especially in the current times.

 Sun also represents father. Message is take care of your father, father in law,father figure.

 Sun is symbolic of our ego, honors, status, fame, the heart, the eyes, general vitality, respect and power. The Sun gives us vitality and the power of resistance and immunity. The message is, take proper sun's energies, proper calcium and vitamin D intake, keepyourself healthy, and build strong immunity in this Pandemics times.  

Sun is responsible for our physical makeup – the body's constitution. Whoever's bones, spines are strong, can have good position of sun in their horoscope natal chart.The human spine is specially influenced by the Sun. Pingala Nadi, which represents the Sun, originates at the base of the spine on the right side, is solar in nature, and terminates in the right nostril. The spine is the backbone of our full body. The spine is also associated with DNA carrying traits. The message is be string, create a structure for you and your community like the strong spine. Empower your masculine energy to give you strength, action, massive energy to create magic for your life. 

 The Sun gives life force, the power of will, intellect, brilliance, prosperity, success in worldly affairs, wealth, personal, conduct, activity, cheerfulness, good fortune, wisdom, ambition, fame, the understanding of the phenomenal world, and the knowledge of medicine. The message is use your unique gifts to create a brilliant you, shining you. 

1 is the single and topmost first number of 1 to 9 single digit numbers. It has all qualities of leadership and independent person.

This may month we can exercise new beginnings and power within us to create leadership qualities. There's so much motivation and momentum regarding activities, which has slowed down last few months. There would be pioneers who would like to crete their followers by creating leadership projects. There will be newness, movement, and the possibilities that can show us sunshine amidst darkeness. 

 In spiritual symbolism, it is the number of creation and the birth of all things -- the divine origin of the universe. What is that one thing which you would like to create and also create oneness?

In Numerology the number 1 is the root of opportunity in our lives. It is a symbol of confidence, power, and action. It pushes us to look at our current circumstances and realize that we have the power to turn them into anything we wish.  What are you choosing to inspire yourself so that you can take control of your future and embrace new beginnings, to create the desired reality? Reflect on the question energy and take inspiring actions.

In Tarot, first card of major arcana is The Magician..this card represents new beginnings, belief in yourself, tap into your resources, manifest all your ideas into reality. The magician has unlimited potential to work on his resources and create magic. Similarly we all need to become magician in our life, using mental, emotional, physical and spiritual tools, to create the magic to manifest our ideas, dreams, goals and aspirations.

Magician is good in communication and hence this is the time to use loving, effective and respectful communication skills that can create lasting relation, and lasting oneness. 

We all are co-creators magical human beings, a part of Super Creator who has created Us. Creator being Master Manifestor, we are also having his qualities within us. And this can be done when we use our wifi connection to remain connected with the Master Manifestor. The message is to pray, be kind, be loving, be grateful, be forgiving. Be accepting, be contributing, be participating.  We have our super connection and alignement with God or Universe or Super Powers or Super Consciousness, whatever you wish to name it,  and combine the energy of the spiritual and earthly realms, to be a manifestation powerhouse! The key is to bring these tools together synergistically so that the impact of what you create is alchemy.

Magician creates magic with his ideas, hand tricks and showing you what he wants with his charming communication skills. Similarly, We have been thinking and having many ideas, and now it is the perfect time to move forward on an idea that you recently conceived. Use that with different communication media's,The seed of potential has sprouted, and you are being called to take action and bring your intention to fruition. The skills, knowledge and capabilities you have gathered along your life path have led you to where you are now, and whether or not you know it, you are ready to turn your ideas into reality. 

Ask yourself, what dreams I wish to make reality? What is possible by me?  What else is possible by me to reach my goals? Get your answes and make sure you have done something new in this May month. I am planning to write a book, what about you?

In your quest to manifest your goals, you must establish a clear vision of what you will create and why you will create, before you act. It is essential to keep pure intentions and not have any selfish or ego driven or power driven or moneygreed driven  or status driven or famepower driven.  Remember you are a part of Divine being and you are as powerful and as creative as super powers, but let the Divine elem t of purity accompany your actions. This is your opportunity to bring your Higher Self in alignment with your day-to-day actions to create the future you want most.

The formula for Happiness and Success is, ABCDEFG. Follow this acronym, Attention, Belief in yourself, Concentration, Dedicated Discipline, Energetic actions, Focussed energies, Goal driven. When you are clear about your ‘what’ and your ‘why’s of your goals, you can take inspired action, coupled with focussed attention, with full belief in yourself,  and full concentration to bring your goals to fruition. In today's life, it is easy to get distracted and loose your concentration.  Focus on the one thing that can take you towards your goal, remain commited, and disciplined to carry out your task.  

Make the magic happen, you master manifestos and if you think, you are anywhere stuck up and you need my guidance, would be happy to guide you.

Awaiting for your magical actions,

Roop Lakhani

Tarotcard Reader, Numerologist, Mindset Healer, Consciousness Coach

email roop@tarotfuture.com8

Mobile 9821612031

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