Uncomparable you

By Roop Lakhani - 14:24:00

 When God created you through his cocreators, - MOM DAD, he made sure you were fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you.

But when we growup as an adult who needs to prove ourselves , we enter into cat race, cut throat competitions, unguarded comparisons. This can be due to the conditioning, programming and  faulty learning, or habitual unaware patterns. 

When peacock had lovely feathers, he was not complaining of the heavy loads of this big feathers on him. The giraffe never complained of the long neck. The camel never compared himself with rabbit or lion. 

Why we humans then keep comparing ourselves negativley and pull ourselves down? Nature has provided everyone with some unique gifts. Now quit wishing you were something different: If I had that person's personality, I could do something great. If I came from their family.. If I was just..

 Don't get distracted by what someone else has. As long as you want what they have, you'll be frustrated. If you didn't get what somebody else has, that means you don't need it. Remember, you are well equipped for your destiny.

You are meant for your experiences and moving ahead. You are not meant for getting stuck. If you wish to create your desired reality,you need to keep having fresh perspective. You need to go to next level thinking says you have the right looks, the right talents, and the right personality.

 If you needed to be taller, God would've made you taller. If you needed a different personality, He would've given you one. If you needed to be another nationality, you would be another nationality. If you needed experience of love, you would be born to loving parents and get experience if love or you may even be born to family where you get experience of rejection so that you may really know what is love. 

God doesn't make mistakes. Neither you're faulty. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made. Be confident in what you have.

Reflecting grateful thoughts : *Thank You for giving me full talents, abilities, and potentials to achieve what I can. Thank you for giving me brain that I can stop wishing what other people have. had what other people have. I have  everything of what I need. Thank You that I am fully loaded for the race God/Universe have designed for me. I declare that I am going to be me,powerful me,capable me, warrior me.*

With much uncomparable side of me and unique me,happy to guide you if you are having negative comparisons

Roop Lakhani
Tarot Consultant, Mindset Healer, Consciousness Coach

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