Inner Child Work

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Inner child Work

If you were controlled by your parents, or if you were taught to believe you were only acceptable and loveable if you were ‘good’, then you would learn to hide the emotions like sadness or anger that got you into trouble.

If you experienced rejection, 
abandonment, or abuse, you would learn to hide your pain and fear to not be hurt or rejected again.

If you were taught to repress pain, you might run from good relationships rather than allow yourself to be hurt. The end result is always feeling lonely. Or, if you were taught you must always be pleasing to win love, you can end up in codependent relationships.

If you do not know how to say no, how to draw your boundaries, how to not feel guilty when you are not, then there is a possibility you having inner child wound.

Working with your inner child’ can sound a bit out there.

The general idea of inner child work is that that if you make an effort to contact, listen to and communicate with, and nurture your inner child, you can find and heal the roots of your issues as an adult.

In case if uou don't know, What is ‘inner child work’?

We were all at one time children and now well formed responsible adult.
And for some of us, we had a tough or loveless childhood, for some it can be traumatic childhood, for some it can be abusive childhood, for some it can be sibling rivalry issues, for some it can be no freedom, for some it can be too much restrictions, for some all was fine but still....something was missing and unidentified... 
This remains in our subconscious and unconscious part of mind, and that  manifests as a sort of ‘other personality’ in social interactions, is often referred to as the ‘inner child’.

‘Inner child work’ is work you do with a therapist or with your ownself under the guidance of an expert, to resolve the repressed childhood unwanted emotions and unpleasant experiences this ‘inner child’ still holds, and then have an awareness to harness the joy, innocence, and confidence that were your birthright.

Really, inner child work is any form of self discovery that helps you access the child you once were, along with the experiences and emotions that child was taught to repress. 

You no more have to blame your parents as you understand what can be corrected. Working with the inner child is not about unearthing all the things your parents did ‘wrong’ and getting angry at them. Yes, you might spend time letting your inner child get furious at the parents she or he then had. The emotions need to be processed, and often at the level they were created. But with this comes the recognition that you are no longer that child.

Therapy also helps you recognise who the adult you is, along with his or her personal power and mature perspective. You might find that after a period of allowing yourself to feel anger and sadness towards others you find all new understanding and compassion, able to see others are not perfect either and had their own unmet needs to struggle with.

Benefits of Inner child work 
You can feel more joyful and in charge of yourself
You can free yourself from unconscious mental chains
You can access more confidence in yourself
You can exercise to draw perosnal boundaries
You can communicate easily without struggling
You can  handle and express your anger or sadness in much better way
There is no more shame, abandonement,lonely feelings, people pleaser attitude
You can trust yourself easily and believe in yourself
You stop feeling guilty for no reasons, stop self sabotaging, stop self criticising and stop self punishing
You also start self nurturing, self caring, self healing, self discovery
You stop becoming automode and you become more deliberate creators of your life
You can be having now a healthy self esteem and sense of safe and secured feelings inside you
You stop having recurring patterns of abusive relations
You can be equally participating in creating fulfilling relationship rather than being hurt angry or upset

And more and more.

Would you like to resolve any of your childhood issues currently blocking fulfilling relations, or creating abundance or healthy self esteem? Want to become a better version of yourself?

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