Do you wish to climb up this ladder

By Roop Lakhani - 10:32:00

AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! What ladder is this? 

Yes, it is your emotional ladder.

Do you wish to climb it from lower one to higher?

What is going on in your emotional world?

 Are you frustrated, bored or depressed?

Are you angry, upset,sad,bad?

Yes, it is natural to have such emotions. It is okay.
It depends on how we deal with it. 

Sometimes we swallow our anger and get scared to let it be out. Sometimes we let the anger throw on others.

What if it is perfectly okay to be in a bad mood? To be angry? To be sad? What if you feel like being mad? And what if you don't have to feel guilty later? What if you have to not deal with it? What if you are taking your own space, time and consciousness to deal with it?

Shouldn’t we be aware of the root of those emotions and deal with the roots? 

I am sure, may be the ego, pride and righteousness is protecting you to be safe and not go deeper inside. May be you do not have time in your busy schedule. May be you do not wish to face some more dangerous ones inside if you have to go deeper. Maybe you don't like to become more dull with those emotions.

It is often true for many, that we are scared to go deeper inside our own selves and deal with it and may be the roots of it. Yes, It is difficult to understand ones own self, especially the underlying cause to emotions that causes havoc.

Stuffing things down, withdrawing, wallowing  ignoring, hiding, manipulating, distracting, displacing, projecting, or even escaping for the sake of either “be perfect” or "looking good" is the conflictual effect and psychological effect on many people's mental and emotional health. And then we suffer and silk, create pain and miseries.

Then we often seek answers outside, we read self development books, go through spirituality, go through you tube videos and take some tools of self improvement and guess what, we increase the knowledge to confuse more. In the process, sometimes we find  the answer and find an authentic inner self... and sometimes we get lost to discover more stuff, sometimes we get busy with ruts and routines and forget about it...

Yes, it is difficult to sit with the inner work as we have lots if intruding thoughts, mundane chores to distract us. What is most important here is, to do Innercise, to find answer from within, deal with the emotional charge inside us which plays havoc inside us... 

What if we just allow ourselves to FEEL WHAT WE FEEL?! Think. Think of it as an experiment and experience. Once allowed, may be it is handled well.

It is totally okay to feel dense. We all have been there. So what? What if we give ourselves complete permission to consciously choose the “denser” feelings with complete compassion and acceptance, by just allowance?!

And what if we can do a deeper Inercise - inner work? 

I have grown with Innercise - inner work and found my way out. How about you?

The strategy is all about raising consciousness, using your past experiences coupled with how you felt,  peeling layers of emotions in your deep subconscious mind, taking the help of the sacred space who is choosing to become pure,vibrate higher and feel lighter.. it is time to align the purity of the spirits in your soul with your body, fine tuning with your mental and emotional body...

Does it resonate anywhere? Do you wish to feel lighter?

Then Come, let's talk on it to find more, find your authentic self, caring for your Innercise True Self, Roop Lakhani

Karmic Reader, Tarot Consultant, Consciousness Coach and Mindset Healer

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