DNA Karmic Healing In shraddh month

By Roop Lakhani - 08:34:00

 The Pitru Paksha in the Hindu calendar is a period when people pay homage to their deceased ancestors by performing Shradh and Tarpanam rituals. It is often said many difficulties and challenges, curses and oaths are coming through generations and generations. People are  to divorce, no marriage, no child birth, no female child birth, no son birth, property loss all of a sudden, financial loss and challenges, health issues, sudden death, suicides, accidental death, physical disformity from birth and more

Dive deep into the feeling of Gratitude.
Dive deep into the feeling of gratitude to parents and grandparents. We have inherited lot besides to their DNA, mental patterns and inheritance ptoperties.

Ask for any forgiving in case you, parents or grandparents or ancestors have done anything knowingly or unknowingly to hurt anyone.

Be mindful to your thoughts, words and deeds. Karma comes back. There is no escape.

Breathe everyone hour consciously watching yourself to your intentions, words, actions, behaviour. Let go allthe stress,worries, anxieties, negativity, backlog.

Last but not the least give your best,be at your best, be positive and be with pure intentions. 

Looking forward to BEING YOUR TRUE SELF,
With much love and gratitude

Note.  If you have gone through challenges and if you are exhausted with challenges, it is time to do DNA Karmic Healing. Call to find more.

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