Childhood wounds signs

By Roop Lakhani - 10:51:00

*Here are some of the most common ways we were made to feel unsafe and these may have caused our inner child wounds.*

 How many can you relate to?

1️⃣ You were taught that it’s not OK to have your own opinions.

2️⃣ You were punished when trying to speak up or act differently.

3️⃣ You were discouraged from playing or having fun.

4️⃣ You weren’t allowed to be spontaneous.

5️⃣ You weren’t allowed to show strong emotions such as anger or joy.

6️⃣ You were shamed by your parents or family members.

7️⃣ You were verbally criticized/abused on a regular basis.

8️⃣ You were physically punished, e.g. smacked, beaten.

9️⃣ You were made to feel responsible for your parents and their level of happiness.

🔟 You weren’t given physical affection, e.g. hugs, kisses, cuddles.

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