Are your desires the cause of anger?

By Roop Lakhani - 10:29:00

Are your desires the cause of anger?

Many of us keep getting irritated, angry and frustrated. What is the root cause of anger? Unfulfilled desires.

What is the problem in desiring? We keep having many desires, some can be fulfilled and some remains unfulfilled. Our life cannot be without deisres. We often have desires to eat cake, ice cream, choice of food we eat, like to travel and go to different parts of the world and more.
We can have desire for career, prosperity, projects, relationship, health, fitness, exercise, and more.  We have desire to talk to someone, or be with someone or do something or have something.

But have you ever noticed it can be a simple thing like when you wish to communicate to someone, and that someone does not give caring ear, and you get upset or angry, you feel bad sad? Have you ever noticed, that when you wish to have your freedom of movement and when you cannot move around, you want to go out and your parents stop you going out, or your spouse and inlaws stop you from doing things you wanted, you feel irritated, angry, sad, upset or bad. It happens with all, right?

It is not true that all your desires gets fulfilled. When fulfillment of desire gets obstructed, one can get angry. 

Is it possible to have life without unfulfilled desires? No. The more you fulfill the desires, the more it increases.  Our one desire leads to another and another desire leads to few more. The fulfilled desires craves for more and than you want more. Thus when desires gets in excess, it slowly looses our peace of mind and slowly into irritations, frustrations and anger.

When desires gets fulfilled, you feel good and the desire goes away and sometimes those desire come with double intensity again so that you want to feel happy by fulfilling them. And when this excessive desires are fulfilled once, twice, thrice, there comes a time, it comes with more intensity and then it becomes greed.

Greed is the mother of excessive desire and obstruction of excessive desire leads to anger, so we need to be aware of our excessive desires.

 From anger comes delusion and from delusion comes bewilderment of memory. From loss of memory comes ruin of intellect. When intellect  that is discrimination and discernment power of intellect stops, the soul suffers a downfall. And all this came from where? excessive desire!!!!

How do we get peace when we are filled with unfulfilled desires? Give up desires, give up pride, give up ego, give up righteousness and you will get peace.

The four truths of Buddha is worth remembering
1. There is suffering in the world
2. The suffering has a cause
3. The cause of suffering is desire
4. If desire is extinguished then suffering is extinguished.

Get aware of the cause of your anger and restlessness, and get aware of how to find peace

My desires are my soul's love
My peace is my soul's love
My detachment from excessive desires is my soul's love
My understanding to true peace is my soul's love

Wishing you peaceful life
Roop Lakhani

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