Freedom is not just independence

By Roop Lakhani - 10:19:00

15 th August is an independence day and we all enjoy being independent and feeling free. People who are dependent feel victimised and paralysed. Being social being, we all are interdependent people first, and yet we are dependent and independent. 

For me being independent is more to do with my emotional tuning and vibrations. There was a time when I was not keeping well physically and that is how I connected all the health issues to my emotional tuning and vibrations I carried. I did find my independence by discovering my true essential self and finding a strong and healthy relationship with my true self by discovering myself.

The 7 p are very important when we talk about independence. 
Power of positivity
Power of potential
Power of possibilities
Power of pleasing ourselves
Power of  peace
Power of progress by fulfilling ourselves
Power of productivity

We often unknowingly train ourselves to fix ourselves to what society and parents wants. In this process we mask ourselves and loose connection with true self. We often have conditioning well set in our mind to how to be and how to be accepted by people, forgetting how to accept ourownselves. We often borrow programming from others that keeps us in a state which is not our true self, landing up displeasing ourselves and forgetting to find peace pleasing our ownselves. We often carry sabotaging beliefs that takes us away from true happiness and peace.

Being a counslelor, consultant, healer and coach, I have gained my own insights to discover myself and finding my own peace. No knowledge is useful unless you experience and combine with your emotional tuning to increase your vibration.

I never could connect to PPT, jargons and fancy process in many workshops that allowed me to find my sabotaging beliefs and emotions. I could more connect with simple catalytic profound integrated psychospirtual and metaphsyical principles that could shift me from my older version to newer upgraded version  that shifted me inside out for full transformation. I am choosing to be a catalyst to give those experience which can fine tune them to their emotional experience and vibrational shift.

For me to be free and independent requires 7 committments to myself and those are as follows

1. Committment to find my true self, discovering and accepting my vulnerabilities and my strengths without judging myself.

2. Committment to find a fulfilling life by first pleasing myself and then pleasing others.. for that I need to throw off the mask, conditioning and programming that has twisted me to be not my true self

3. Committment to the emotional tuning where you are in awareness and full allowance to the flow of emotion

4. Committment to keep myself happy, first by accepting who I am and accepting others the way they are

5. Committment to keep me at peace releasing anger, hatred, fears, anxieties and doubts- that keep me restless

6. Committment to keep myself positive inspite of any negativity inside me or even outside me

7. Committment to keep productive and creative instead of destructive and stuck

Hope you all also decide to be free from whatever is keeping you stuck and victimised
Happy independence day
Roop Lakhani

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