Is judgement contagious?

By Roop Lakhani - 18:17:00

Judgement is contagious

It is normal to judge people and situations
But when it is going to harm others With your judgement, hold, pause, stop and don't make judgements.

If this judgement is not allowing you to feel light or if it is pulling others down, don't do it.
No one is perfect and yet, each one of us is amazing. If a person has been judged many a times by others and if he has recieved those vibrations from other one then this will make him more bitter, angry or sad or unloving., 

People who are judged, are people who are insecured, jealous, superficial, some are inferior or superior complex, prideful, egoistic, bullysome.. people who judge them  have too much time to just keep talking on it... Some people pay too much attention to what others are up to, where others are going, wearing and driving or what others are talking, gossiping about the height, the weight and personality, as if it is a good time pass activity.

So.e people see àny fat person, they would think how much he would be eating..
They see any slim person, they would think that person would not be eating well so he is so thin... There is no end to judgemental factories..judge people's appearance, looks, weight, attitude and more... I am sure each one of us is judging... 
Now the question is 
Are you also judging like this? If yes, then the question is were you judged by others? 
I am sure aomehwere the answer is yes

Anyways, if others are judging you, and if you are not liking it, and if you are feeling bad, sad, angry, upset then let me tell you, they are judging their ownselves and not you.

And still if you are getting judged and feeling hurt, then It is time to not think what others think of you, but It is time to think more about how you think of your own self...

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you love every part of your body? Do you love who you are as a person?

Many a times we have to pretend to be good. We have to entertain people, entertain when we are busy and we have to put up a mask of 'being nice'. We have to pretend fake smile and also make up with fake words so that we are not hurting other or we feel a sense of belonging or get approval from others or not to get rejected or criticised...

This mask will be fallen soon when you are not comfortable in your own skin, when you wil be constantly getting  irritated, frsutrated , angry and more...the pretense can either  makes us sulk, talk behind the others back, criticise, gossip or judge...

In the end, you will feel heavy and soul will be not light, creating soul loss. The soul  has come here to feel light, loving and being honest, being knowledgeable...and we end up loosing our soul batteries strength by putting up a mask and trying to fit into social image to be approved.

Today scan and ask reflective questions to yourself
Do I really love every aspect, every quality of myself including my body?
Do I get affected with others remark?
Do I take others remark positively to improve myself? Or do I take it as negative and feel bad and hurt?
Do I judge people for  what they do? Do I judge people to put them down?
Do I judge people because I am jealous of them?
Do I judge people because someone also judged you?
Do I judge and criticize people out of revenge and anger?
Do I enjoy judging and criticizing?

Hoping the judgements are no more contagious to you and for you

Instead, give lots of blessings to people who judge you... give lots of blessings to yourself...

Surely love and accept yourself the way you are, and give yourself best and be the best
Love and accept other people the way they are ❤️  

Love to see you all least judgemental
Roop Lakhani

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