Does jealous people bother you?

By Roop Lakhani - 19:17:00

Do people get jealous of you or your possession?

Do they praise your stuff and often they don't mean it, you think?

Nobody is exempt from jealousy and hatred from others, we all are subject to its cruelty during life anytime.

People come up with their inadequacy and incomplete or not enough feelings and they cannot bear others people's happy and luxurious state. 

There are different types of jealous people

Many jealous people don't speak up and are still jealous inside.

Many jealous people speak up with good comments on face and feel inadequate inside

Many peoples jealousy stink in their comments and they not realise too

jealous people's actions and emotional expressions are never kind or loving. When it comes from a friend or loved one, we take it more personally and it hurts us.

Anyways, what we should know, is how to deal with the jealous people and we should also know the root of jealousy.

Most jealousy is rooted in feelings of inadequacy or not having enough.
The person sees something in you or another person that makes them feel that they aren’t as good or as rich or as beautiful or as intelligent or as lucky as you.  It could be real or imagined, but the feelings of inadequacy are projected through negative thoughts or actions. Jealousy emerges as a reaction or solution to those feelings of inadequacy.

However, there are ways for a person to handle a jealous person that can help disarm a jealous person or prevent oneself from being exposed to jealous comments and actions. There is not a one size fits all solution to dealing with jealousy and hatred. Each situation is unique and needs to be handled accordingly. Below are some tips on how to deal with jealous and hateful people.

Tip 1

IEither ignore and avoid it
Or take the issue head on

For example, if a friend comments on the bag you are carrying and she is asking for how much you bought for and you say the exact figure rs 28000 and she comments, only you can afford it or she may say, I would never spend so much on a bag and you do not like the way she says it.
You may ignore and avoid telling her the right price next time.

For example, if your co-worker is pulling down on you and finding faults in you in front of your boss, then approaching your colleague by saying “why the heck are you doing this in front of the boss all the time?” may not cause a nice and kind reaction from your side.
Instead, chose a kinder approach and you are more likely to get a response that seeks to understand where you are coming from and they are also more likely to recognize how you are feeling. Such a statement you could use in this example would be “I feel bad when you tell the boss things that I do wrong and it is affecting our working relationship, which I want to  relationship, would you be more careful next time?”.

Tip 2

Delete, destroy and uncreate the thought in ypur mental chatter box

Carrying the jealous words at the back of your head and getting irritated or loosing your peace of mind is not the way to deal with jealous people.
Instead you can choose to remain positive in your energy, by saying, 'it was interesting point of view' and just delete, destroy and uncreate the thought in your mental chatter box

Tip 3

Know the truth

Knowing that a person’s jealousy is rooted in their own insecurities, self doubt, and feelings of inadequacy can help you be more understanding and change your reaction when someone acts out in jealousy toward you. If a friend makes jealous comments toward you, how perfect you keep your home because you have money, staff and comforts, instead you can reply and could say “you also have a beautiful home and each one is different in many a ways, let's not compare”.

Providing them with a compliment and also acknowledging that differences exist, it is normal to have differences, it will help ease their own insecurities.

Tip 4

Invest time with positive people

Often we do not like to listen to jealous tones. Instead, listen and tell yourself, it is good if she is jealous of me. Means you surely are better up than her and hence she is jealous of you. 
According to the law of attraction, where you put more energy, it grows. Let her put the energy on being more jealous of you and you feel more proud of yourself. And you put more energy into positivity rather than those comments

What I mean by saying, be more proud for yourself, is you be yourself. Don't waste your time and energy to think much on it.

There are plenty of people in this world who are good, positive, and loving. They show love to others in their relationships because they treat others how they also want to be treated. Invest your time and energy with these type of people because they are of high value in your life.

You determine who you allow to influence your life. If you spend a great deal of time with someone who exhibits jealousy toward you, then you will not feel uplifted or encouraged. Seek out the relationships in your life that uplift you, encourage you, and help you become a positive influence in the world.

Last but not the least
Chant what is appropriate for you
I am enough
I am good enough
I am beautiful enough
I am intelligent enough
I am rich enough
I am content within myself
I am happy with what I have and I am blessed with
I am happy with what others have.
I am content and satisfied with my own qualities and what I have.
I feel happy when others are blessed too.

Feel blessed and graced
Universe is abundant by nature and we all are provided with enough. Universe provides with all what we need, but universe does not provide us with all our excessive desires. 
Money grows where there is love, kindness, honesty and pure intention.

Let us be kind and compassionate to ourselves.

Wishing you all are blessed and abundant
Roop Lakhani

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