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By Roop Lakhani - 20:04:00

I love watching movies in theater. I love to see on big screen in a comfortable chair, but due to lockdown times I was watching at home on TV from my comfort sofa space.

One day when I was watching, 'Zindagi Na milegi dobara', I realised our lives are much like movies and we will not get to live this life again.. We are the actors, directors and producers of the film. But yet we are unknowingly and unmindfully playing our role..

Then an awareness came in!!
How about watching the movie just like audience watching movie.
That's the time we disassociate and we can view whose acting is better and who is fully involved with the role.
What script is really resonating your heart and whose emotions is touching your heart?

Sometimes it is good to witness your own life movie. Memories, past experiences, mental chatter, triggered emotions, feelings, habits, beliefs, presumptions, assumptions, expectation, judgments, past baggage and future worries constantly play throughout our mind. 
Not only among all of this clutter, we also cling to a story of us; we stick to our interpretations and we create another movie of how bad, stupid, selfish, ugly, lost or messed up we are.

This constant stream within us is lying in subconscious mind and playing auto Play mode and we don't even realise how subtly it is moving to another scene and another scene creating our living.

Sometimes the dramas, traumas, abuses, anxieties, fears and doubts- don't even allow us to be at mental peace and enjoying the present moment called as life.. it keeps us stick in insecured, angry, upset, depressed and imabalanced state..

And we identify ourselves with multiple stories — sometimes destructive, sometimes productive, sometimes selfish and sometimes selfless.  But they are all stories just the same.

Sometimes we get so heavily invested in these volatile stories that we create habits of pain, suffering, lack, scarcity and chaos in our lives.

But we have become so automatically attached to this dramatic story of ourselves, coupled with our ego and ignorance,  that we forget that we are the unchanging observer — the eternal consciousness..


We can disassociate and watch it from far away, then may be we realise that the role should be well played without much emotional dramas.

May be it requires a bit of self discovery and self compassion!

Maybe we require to be least judgemental and more empowering ourselves!

Maybe we require to just shake our inner conscience, and get awakened to uplift spiritual mind and be little more mindfully thinking!!

Being awake is about recognizing that you are not your inner volatile stream of thoughts, emotions and sensations. But they are not you.

We can always hold that thought in conscious awareness, allowing it to pass without believing it to be “you”, with need to learn the art of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about becoming aware of the present moment, and it goes hand-in-hand with self-inquiry.

Self-inquiry is the process of examining your inner story without judging you or pulling yourself down. Neither boosting your ego.

One of the best ways to start practicing mindful is be self-compassionate

One of the best way to self discovery  is to dissect your self-beliefs or thoughts that is creating your reality. Asking open questions and reflecting on it gets you in momentum

Why not take a moment now to inspect your story or life?

What does your story or life look like? Do you like it?
Do you like being you?
Do you like to create a greater life?
Do you like to have more awareness and clarity for a better meaningful life?
Are you committed for 100 percent to greater life?
Are you responsible for happiness within your own inner self irrespective of outside people and situations?

If somehwere you are getting nudged and feel like doing more work on self, ask more questions... 'Knowing self is wisdom'

What must I perceive to have total clarity?
What must I know to have total clarity?
Who I need to be to have total clarity?
How can I not choose suffering, and choose happiness?
How can I uplift myself, rather than remaining stuck with my demons and shadows?
How can I live my life full of ease and fun?
What do I still need to learn?
What are the choices can I make that will expand my life and living?
Are you following awareness and energy
What am I not choosing and committing to choose a greater life?
What lies, how many lies, whose lies am I choosing to create what I am creating the life of not my desire?
What fixed points of views, judgements, thoughts, emotions am I holding or attaching to that is locking my happiness  and not creating happiness?
What fixed mindset, fixed realities, fixed beingness, fixed habits ai am used to that I do not even look at different possibilities and opportunities for a greater life?
What attachments do I have towards people, situation, objects, emotions and thoughts is not allowing me to live life full of ease and grace?
What ego, righteousness and pride I am carrying that sabotages fulfilling relationship?
What judgements,  associations, entanglements, resistance and more I am inventing to make life miserable?
What emotional baggage am I holding that is weighing me down?
What future anxieties is not allowing me to create life of my desire?
What points of views am I holding me in self sabotaging situation?

And every thing that is stopping you to create a greater life, would you uncreate all that?

Leaving you with last thought
What if you could create a greater life every day with fresh thoughts and new beginnings? How would that life looks like?

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