is it difficult to make right choices?

By Roop Lakhani - 16:47:00

Is it difficult to make right choices?

Yes, probably it is.. may be because we don't know how to do it or may be we don't know the powers and benefits of the consequence of making right choice.

Relationship harmony,  ground reality with conflicts and chaos, ups and down in relations are all part of life. We all have some stories of complains, some hurts, some betrayal, some pain, some blame, some pleasure or some sweet memories.

In intimate relationship, there is often love- hate relationship, some like dislike stories.

For eg a girl and boy in love relation
They date, they are very happy in the roamantic dates,the girl looks attractive, she tries everything to impress the guy, the guy looks handsome, they have good times with each other, they are in heaven, they value each other, and more. One day they decide to get married
Then the ground reality strikes. They like each other but they are not happy with some small small matter, they have arguments, have fights, dislike each other, hate each other, and more.
At times the girl feel why has she got married to him, how much she is adjusting and compromising
At times the guy feels, she is so possessive, she don't give him freedom to do, dominates and more..
This is part of life, ups and downs, conflicts and chaos keeps happening in the relation..

This is the story in any relation.. whether you are in any relation, with mother, father, son, daughter, boss or friends, it can happen with whoever you are close or intimate in relation

Now being intimate with people, you realise few weakness and few flaws and after some few years you become intolerant to their fkaws.

The same person who loved you a lot and the same person whom you loved once upon a time making promises to live full life, the situation changes after few years of fairy tale, now you don't even talk those lovey dovey talk, or have same intimate bond.
Sometimes jealousy shows up, sometimes blame comes up, sometimes insecurity shows up.

The ground reality shows up.

This happens even in other aspects such as you are looking for job, you are hunting for best company, best job, best salary package, you do everything to get into that job, and finally interview date comes, you are excited, you give interview and you get selected. You are on top of the cloud.
Now what happens is you start with the job, you meet colleagues, superior boss, you are giving your best to show who you are, after few years, you are asked to do more than you were expected, in anticipation of promotion you give your best, you seep into ground reality, and then what happens?
You start hating few people, you can't tolerate same people  who once helped you a lot, you gossip and you are not having same intimate feelings how you felt when you joint

Normally in all such situations,
You wall up, you shut down, you withdraw, you ignore, you avoid, you criticise, you judge, you reject, and the same intimate relations are stretched and no more intimate now...

Now what happens?
You oscillate, you cannot decide how to handle things properly, you don't know how to not get affected, you don't know how to master your emotions as it is never taught, you don't know how to not react, you don't know how to respond it..

You are in conflict
You have to really put efforts to so many actions and decisions, so many unanswered questions revolve in your mind, your internal mental chatter box is always noisy...

For eg. Choices or conflicts such as,

Should I, should I not
Is this appropriate or is this not
How will I be appearing if I say this
How will I be appearing if I behave in my way and not according to what family wants, what society wants, what others want
I don't want to fake a smile and yet I have to
I don't wish to be in group but I can't do that
I choose to stay alone but I can't do that
What if others are hurt

If possible you will make right choices and act on them to decide.

What if you are unable to exercise the choice? What if you don't know how to explore the choice? What if you know how to make the choice but if you have some fears? What if you don't have courage to make right choices? What if you are not secured without that relation?

Then you have emotional lows, mood swings, hurts, anger, depression, remorse feelings, rejections and more..And then you shut down yourself fully.

In all this process

We loose hopes
We can't see others perspective's
We can't see others strengths and good points
We feel angry, upset, frustrated, depressed and more
We get egoistic prideful and righteous about how we feel
We start judging what is right and what is wrong

Yes we are taught how to take care of our body, but we are not taught how to deal with emotions
We are not taught how to make right choices.
It is like trial and error, try try till you succeed, there is no fix formula.

The mind which has experienced this, is not going to be at peace. All emotions and experiences are stored in subconscious mind, the emotional mind. And the subconscious mind is the master of all actions as it works 90 percent.
Now to solve any problem, you have to think with fresh mind for the solution, you can't think with the same mind which has created the problem.

How to do this?
May be chakra balancing is one of the way where I explain the psycho spiritual  aspects which rais ethe consciousness of the mind

What is important for our human being is to manifest our desires firing our existence. The mind is complex, and yet it can be simple and it has a tool of consciousness to be one with mind body spirit. This creates our higher awareness to feel light and knowlesgeable... we can balance between material and spiritual world. Life can be embraced with ease and grace rather than drama and trauma.

For this reason I have developed easy tools of understanding mind, chakra, energy centers and body. Mind can be trained to choose right choices that can uplift the energies and space within our internal world.

New perspective can always be taken  to create bright future.  The old mindset which creates heavy and dense feelings can be upgraded.

Just like a car has a brake and accelerator, and a car cannot just run without brakes, it surely creates accident. A day is never complete without a day and night. We equally want night to relax and be passive rather than active all the time.

Similarly in our life we have many difficulties and challenges in our lives to take us further towards our highest growth. But we need to understand this from higher perspectives and higher consciousness. We require to give little efforts to know our chakra system with mind body spirit system.  raise our consciousness to higher lonce we raise the consciousness level, everything is more clear. We can manifest our materialistic desires using spiritual principles and balance ourselves. We become more grateful and we can embrace life to accept the flow.

Everything is very well planned and orchestrated by the Universe. We need to align ourselves so that we can recieve, contribute, participate, institute, generate and deliver in the manner of abundant being. like how GPS guides us to reach our preferred location the same way BMS guides us to live a beautiful journey of life to achieve preferred desires and manifest liberation.

What do you do?

Three golden spiritual keys

Each one of us is having higher consciousness and we need to surrender to it
We alll need to embrace the negatives the way they are and positives the way they are guiding our ego and emotions with help of higher consciousness
It can be that people are our extensions and we are not aware of our own flaws, and they show up as mirror.
It can be that we are projecting our issue on others and we need mirror to reflect within
It it can be due to our past karmic reading exchange which could be left incomplete in last lives.

Now the key to golden treasure is acceptance and awareness. Embrace and allow everything the way it is,including us.

But we interpret
We percieve
And we percieve with filtered lens
We interpret with our limited understanding

Now what is the way out
Change the perception lens
Change the ways to interpret
Change the way of thinking, attitude, mindset and behaviour so that one can grow towards highest growth with ease and grace

How to do that?
There are many ways such as reiki, bach flowers, homeopathy and more
Mind is simple but we humans complicate it.
We cannot say,  with any one method you will change everything you are desiring in your outer world.
The world is reflection of you. If you shift inside you, the outer world also changes.

Each one vibrates with different frequency, different consciousness, different conditioning, different mindset and different sanskaras. It would be difficult to explain through one way and so we connect to differnt frequencies to create balanced mind body spirit

Few  of them what I practice is

- metaphysical principles
- Redikall consciousness
- access consciousness
- surrender and faith to spiritual laws

When people come with their issues, I take them through a journey to make them understand their mind, their thoughts, their emotions and show them the tools that allows them to connect with their higher consciousness so that they are on the path to make right choices to live enriched and meaningful life..

If you resonate with this and if you feel light, do respond to me whichever way you wish to

My name is Roop Lakhani
Mob 9821612031

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