How difficult for you to unmask your true emotions and be transparent?

By Roop Lakhani - 10:35:00

How difficult for you to unmask your true emotions and  be a transparent person?

I am a Clairsentient and empathetic person. Being a person for the family first, I have gone beyond my limits to offer my help to anyone.
People who know Numerology and astrology, would be able to guess my qualities as I am born on 15 th and my name starts with R, which is libran  alphabet.
I can sense people's thoughts and feelings even when they are not expressed.
I can cater to others expectation without they telling me. So I contribute and provide in a manner which can give comfort to others.
This is a good quality as you can understand your family's needs and cater them.
It can turn out disaster when people think ill for you.

I am transparent, open and Frank person. I get easily upset with people's politics and manipulation. I get easily affected by unfairness and unethical practise.

I often remember challenging emotional times when I could not have mastery over my true feelings. I would wear emotional mask to hide my emotional outbursts.
With time, I have understood and started gripping on emotional mastery.
It is not easy to understand emotions or handle emotions, it is not easy to deal with them too, as this was never taught in school or at home..
When ever I would get hurt, sad or angry, I would mask it under a smile and fake feelings of, 'I am good'. I am conditioned by society not to display such emotions. I am conditioned to say, 'I am fine' even when I am not fine. Inspite of deliberate attempts to mask, the truth does not remain hidden for long time.

This means transparency
I was not transperent all the time.

I was not in full I tegrity with myself.

Everyone is wounded. Every soul comes here with some wounds. No one is an escape. Every one is in constant 'to and fro' swinging effect to show either they are fine to show to the world by saying 'I am fine' inspite of not being fine inside or they really try to become fine by saying 'I am fine', as what you fake to mind it accepts it sooner or later.

When others are not transperent, we can sense the truth. When people around you are not portraying the truth, when they are displaying the mask to hide some emotions, we often not like it. How do you respond to it? Do you criticise that person? Do you respond to the masked approach? Do you respond to the fact that they are trying to mask? Do you really help them to uncover the mask? Would you be compassionate towards them and empathise?
Here is another points of view
We all are light beings and we always travel towards light. We need to feel light. Our soul need to feel light.
When people are not transperent, it may initially confuse you or bother you. But pause and think.
Think again.
At one point of time, we all have been doing that often.
May be you are confused to, which personality of theirs is the truth, the one which you recieve intuitively or one one which is projected to you?
At times it could be annoying when you know it is a part of their personality, especially when you prefer transperency.
Anyways, by holding annoyance inside you is not going to help you.
But being compassionate, you surely create a space that there is a possibility of they being their true self at some point of time.
Make them feel safe in your space. The world is not kind but let's begin with one person and that is you.
There has been many times when you are judged and not accepted the person who you are. The least you can do is, you do not judge and reject the other people.

Sometimes people mask and are non transperent because if they say the truth, it will hurt you.
Are you a person who can face the truth of they open up and reveal?

Sometimes people mask and are non transperent, because that is the only way they know. They do not know how to speak up.

Sometimes people mask and are non transperent because you are sensitive and they do not wish to hurt you.

Sometimes people mask and are non transperent because they are scared to show up their vulnerabilities. They are scared that they do not know how to handle them and yet be strong. They do not want breakdowns. It could be that they are not prepared to face the consequences.

Whatever may be the reason, know that you are a divine being, on the journey of life, soul wishes to experience many light feelings with human shortcomings and limitations.
Being non transperent is one way to cope up and deal with your challenges. If others hypocrisy bothers you, it is time for you to invite transperency. If your own hypocrisy bothers you, be in integrity with self and being transperent. Be in integrity with your words, feelings and actions. Be in integrity with your life plan and life mission.

Sometimes we project onto others what we are inside. Sometimes other people are our extentions and mirror.
When you shift, others shift too. We all are same at soul level.

My transperency is my soul's love.
My integrity with myself is my soul's love.
My true self is my soul's love.
My connection with my higher self is my soul's love.
My invitation to welcome integrity from others is my soul's love
My invitation to welcome transperency from others is my soul's love
My mask are my soul's love
My fears are my soul's love.
My insecurities are my soul's love.

If you feel light to read this, share this article. And if you wish to connect with me to connect with your true self, you can surely book sessions with me, I am a transformation coach, ready to guide you for your meaningful and enriched lives.

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