Does attachment gives you pain

By Roop Lakhani - 13:31:00

Does attachment creates pain?

Yes surely over attachment creates pain
Appropriate attachment may not do that
We all are here to experience on the physical world
It can be pleasure and pain both
We are supposed to experience all this and evolve beyond our normal understanding towards higher consciousness
But few things keep us entangled such as our desires, attachment and ego.

Attachment is equally necessary to keep us going in our physical world. When we are small, we are attached to mother father toys and more
When we grow up we get atttached to friends teachers and more
Then we get attached to our career, work activities, hobbies, food, exercise, clothes, possessions, property, people and more.

Many a times when we are separated from our attachments we get pain.
For eg. A teenager girl is very friendly to her friends and when the friend stops talking to her, she would have pain

When the mother and son has little arguments because of some practical matter and because of sons wife certain ways, there would be pain in that relation

When you make lots of money and property and gold and shares, and when you loose them you are in pain.

This is a part of life and life's drama.
We are sent on this earth to experience what is lack, what is abundance, what is pain, what is pleasure, what is joy, what is anger and more

If we know how to balance and just experience with no emotional charge on it, then it is good for you
But if you are emotionally attached and having emotional charge attached to any events, you surely would create pain if it is negative type experience.

Once the pain is created, it is difficult to let go, let go experience, let go emotions, let go past baggage as attachment is too strong.
May be even ego does not allow you to go beyond?
May be the righteousness about how right you are and how not right the other person is, may nit make you free from the pain.

So what do you do?
So you have many choices
You suffer, you sulk, you get hurt and you repress, you suppress, you isolate and more
You get angry, you use harsh words, become rude, become arrogant, become righteous, and more.

The best choice is to detach, stop, observe, let go, forget, forgive, surrender, move on, feel light and think fresh again from zero.
In the end, what matters is our energy, space and consciousness.
By holding negative emotions, your energies are dense and heavy.
Your space is full and there is no further room of creating the lighter space to move you further.
Your consciousness is at lower level which will always keeps you entangled in dramas and not allow you to feel peaceful, lighter, and blissful.

The experience has come to teach you something maybe because of your karmas.
What is the learning from it?
What do you need to learn without getting biased, prejudiced or egoistic?
The learnings are positive of nature.

Learn the positive and discard the negatives
Life is to cherish, move to n and not get stuck or feel heavy
For that detachment is first step, to disassociate from the event and then pause, observe, let go, forget, forgive, move on, feel light.

Think fresh to create right energies, space and consciousness to take you through difficult moments, painful moments, challenges, righteous attitude, prideful feeling and ego..

Make a list of two things that makes you happy
One list which you can have with money such as clothes, house, possession, luxuries and more
And one thing that you can have without money such as relationship, family, friends, health and more
Check for your self
Are you happy with money and luxuries but no good health and positive people around you?

Mostly the answer is no.

Value people
Value health
Value positivity
Value feeling light
Value the knowledge that brings you light feelings
Value yourself
Value your gifts and talents
Value other people's non tangible gifts
Value other people's time and care

This all will give you more pleasure.
Don't attach in a way that creates pain

Be in a way to cherish all that you have
Be in a way that you can inspire others
Be in a way that you enjoy your living
Last but not the least
Be your true self
And be your authentic self.

With lots of love and gratitude
If you feel light and resonate to read the above article, you can just make a call to me and speak to me..9821612031, Roop Lakhani

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