Don't make this three mistakes for Happy life

By Roop Lakhani - 17:22:00

Don't make this 3 mistakes..
My experience says don't make this three mistakes 

1. I have carried so much emotional baggage from the past in the present  and I have worried too much for the finances in the future... But did it help me ?  No.

I took all the actions what I needed to and I dropped carrying the past baggage..and what had to happen, it all happened.. just remain in the present, don't worry too much for the future..  what you can do you are doing. What is possible by you with ease will surely create something..

My experience says, do what you can in the present. Think about the future but don't worry about the future. The past is the foundation for your present. But it does not help in creating your future if you keep unwanted nd unnecessary clutters of the past.

2. We often hold back our communications what if the other one is hurt? We suppress our responses thinking about the others will get angry? We think so much of others, but do we realise how much so we hurt out own selves holding this suppressed and repressed communications.  
It only leads to unhappy present, anger and sadness. 
Be in your balanced emotional state when you wish to deliver your suppressed communications. Deliver with peace, love and ease. Let go your pride, ego and righteousness. Let the other one know you are making sense. And see what difference you will create in your relation?

3. Have realistic expectations. The problem is either we expect too much or we accept nothing of them. The A to Z of life teaches us with 3 As, one is awareness, two is acceptance and three is accountability. Be real. Don't have too much expectations from others. You can have too much expectations from yourself without being hard on yourself.

Let life be full of peace and harmony. 
Let it first reside in you.
The whole world will be peaceful and harmonious if each one would strive towards their own inner self for peaceful and harmonious energies.
The keys are

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