3 A s of life

By Roop Lakhani - 02:09:00

3 A's of life


We all know alphabets A to Z by heart ❤️ even if anyone wakes us in the night we know it.

We also can have A to Z of life🧬 so that we are aware of how to apply it or just make the right choices

AWARENESS - Awareness creates choices and making right choices takes our life in right direction.

ACCEPTANCE - All problems starts when we reject and not accept things, situation, people the way they are 
Most of the emotional pain occurs when we don't accept things the way they are.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Accountability means showing up and setting out to accomplish the things you’d said you’d do. It’s about taking personal responsibility for your work, health, consciousness and more.

I got chance to do Access Consciousness and I learnt what is AWARENESS and making choices for your better life, since then I made myself ACCOUNTABLE for my happiness, health and income.
I had many challenges but I had many excuse and resistance to find the truth behind, once I ACCEPTED IT, the truth was clear and I came to terms with peace of mind and the life flow became flowing and easy for me.

Pl.watch this and remember A s of Life


Do you find problems to accept things?
Do you chose an awareness session for any of your issue?
Would you like to be making yourself accountable for your better life?
Let's talk then
I am your awareness coach
Roop Lakhani 

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