Don't make this 3 mistakes for better life

By Roop Lakhani - 21:15:00

How much ever we strive towards a better life, still we unaware of the mistakes we make.

I have made this mistake.
I was  a people pleaser person.
I did not focus on my own priorities.
I gave importance to others priorities.
I suppressed my communications when I wanted my needs to be expressed. 
Even when I spoke, other people were overruling me.
I was not heard
I was fearful.
I was doubtful of my own capabilities and capacities.
I wanted to reach others expectations for me.
I wanted to be 'nice' gal.
I wanted to be perfect.

But I realised my mistakes

3 mistakes we often make

1. We often please others more than ourselves
2. We hold back our communication with fears and doubts
3. We beat up ourselves with a thought that we need to be perfect in all areas of life.

Tips to create better life -Roop Lakhani

1. Please yourself more than others without any selfish intention and pride.
2. Communicate clearly, effectively and assertively to avoid frustrations, anger and complains
3. Accept yourself as imperfectly perfect person and accept others too.

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